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APSE aims to allow pet sitters to reach new heights by offering innovative and unique tools and resources not typically found elsewhere in the community.

What It Means To Be A Professional Pet Sitter

One of the biggest misconceptions about becoming a pet sitter today is that virtually anyone can do it.

While the fact of the matter is that anyone truly could simply call themselves a pet sitter, becoming a professional pet sitter is a whole other matter.

Whether you are a pet owner or a pet sitter (or both), chances are you have called in a favor to neighbors and family to watch your furry friend while you traveled out of town.

Sounds like a win-win, right?

But becoming more than someone who feeds and walks the dog 3 times a day requires skill, expertise, training and knowledge.

Say hello to the professional pet sitter.

With nearly 70 million homes in the United States that own a pet, the need for quality and reliable pet care is growing at a constant pace.

However, the education and public awareness of what a professional pet sitter actually does is not.

As a pet sitter, you need the proper tools and resources to build your business into a thriving, profitable and respected service within your community.

Members of the APSE confront some of the biggest challenges head-on that pet sitters face today:

Gaining Trust: How do you position yourself in a positive, professional and friendly light so your potential clients immediately feel a connection, and rush to make contact with you as their pet care provider?

Competition from Neighbors, Boarding houses, and Vets: How do you quickly and appropriately point out the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter when pet owners are used to the status quo.

Finding New Clients: Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is effective marketing. How do you find new clients when all the cards are seemingly stacked against you?

These are just a few of the questions we address inside to help you stay at the top of your game.

Achieving your goals and gaining success as a professional pet sitter is possible. You need to surround yourself with the proper guidance, tools and community.

This is what the APSE is all about.

Come along on the journey and join us today...

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Founders, APSE