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We have on-going plans for our members to help them grow and succeed. Here's an overview...

Monthly Tele-seminars and Webinars

We want to make our resources easily accessible to all of our members. Our virtual webinars and conference options allow you to get the knowledge that you need to succeed on your schedule and at a more affordable price because you don't have travel expenses.

All APSE members will be invited to participate in our monthly tele-seminars and webinars. These will be recorded for members who are not able to attend the live calls and the recordings made available to members to download and replay after the call.

Our first live tele-seminar will be held on April 29, 2010.

We want you to tell us what information and topics you want us to cover in our monthly tele-seminars. Each month we will solicit the input of APSE members via our forums.

We will also be hosting special event tele-seminars and webinars with our pet advisory board where they will share their unique expertise with our APSE members.

The APSE Annual Virtual Conference

Our first virtual conference is planned for October 2010. At this 3 day virtual event we will have 10-12 live webinar presentations by guest pet business experts, opportunities for member networking, and fun online events. Members will be able to attend these sessions live or listen to the recordings of each of these webinars and events.

Workshops and Live Events

We have future plans to host live events and workshops and APSE members will be the first to learn about these as they are added to our schedule.

All APSE members will receive discounts on all virtual and live APSE events.