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In essence, our members are our business partners.

APSE National Awareness Fund

Campaign Awareness

Do you sometimes feel that the money you spend to help your business grow is a waste?

Are you tired of throwing money away and not seeing anything in return for it?

Well, worry no more!

By bringing transparency to the forefront of our business model, one goal of the APSE is to literally turn your membership dues into a true investment - and one you will see a return on.

Image being part of an association that gives you a voice, inspires you to become better, and directly asks for your feedback along the way.

The APSE is your association.

And as a member, a portion of your membership fees will be placed into a fund only used to run public awareness and marketing campaigns — all to help benefit and promote the pet sitter.

The APSE's vision is to use these funds to create a campaign that will:

  • Increase the percentage of pet owners who are aware that they have the option to use a pet sitter rather than boarding their pets
  • Ensure that pet owners recognize the benefits of using a professional pet sitter and
  • Highlight the skills and knowledge of our APSE members via our pet sitter directory

As an APSE member, you will be able to contribute campaign ideas via our forums, get involved with the campaign, and follow the path of how your dues are being utilized throughout the year.