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Parrot 'n' Pet Sitting Services

Parrot 'n' Pet Sitting Services

10+ years of experience.

Background & Experience:

Like all professionals in the pet industry, I grew up with some great dogs, cats and birds through out my life. I could write a book about each animal I’ve had the pleasure to be “owned by” – as each of them were a special part of the family. Mom and Dad always ensured the companion of either a 4 legged or 2 legged friend in the house hold. I acquired a natural bond with nature and animals from early childhood but later found that I had a special interest in birds and parrots. A specific species caught my undivided quest to learn more it’s ways – especially in the wild. This creature was an African Grey. I was completely engulfed in every aspect of their existence and not to mention how incredibly smart they are. Over many years I obtained up to 10 African Greys – All living in my home in special part the house which we transformed into a bird room where they didn’t have to live in cages, but instead enjoyed a great life. People would come to our home – just to see our little Zoo – One day – one of my beloved African Grey’s became very ill and after many tests and trips to the University of Guelph ( thank you Dr.Taylor!) we determined PDD had infected on our birds. This means we were going to lose all of them – 1 by 1 because it was transmittable. From that day forward – I spent my entire existence caring for those birds, nursing them, rehabilitating them, medicating them and giving them the best possible life until each battle was lost. A really horrible time yes. But it was through this experience that made me realize where my heart lays and that is animals. It wasn’t long before I gave up my dental career to pursue what really captured passion in my life – To work with animals. Parrot ‘n’ Pet Sitting Services was born. Professional Qualifications 20 Years Animal Experience ( Dog, Cat, Bird, Small Animal, Avian Husbandry, Hand feeding, animal emergency care) Human and Animal First Aid and CPR Certified Canine, Feline and Avian Disease Care and Prevention Measures New Parrot Ownership Educator Medication Administration such as insulin injections for cats and dogs. Animal Nutrition Animal Health Portrait Artist, Wildlife Artist, Pet Business Graphic Artist and Website Designer

Serving the following locations in :

Durham Region, Whitby, Oshawa, Brooklin, Pickering, Ajax, Courtice.

We can provide the following services:

Pet Sitting Dog Walking Administer Medications

We can provide care to the following animals:

Dogs Cats Fish Birds Reptiles Exotic Pets Other

Availabilty: (Monday-Friday)

Mornings (6am-9am) Mid-Days (11:30am-1:30pm) Afternoons (2pm-4pm) Evenings (6pm-8pm) Nights (8pm +)

Availabilty: (Saturday-Sunday)

Mornings (6am-9am) Mid-Days (11:30am-1:30pm) Afternoons (2pm-4pm) Evenings (6pm-8pm) Nights (8pm +)

We are available to work on and around the major holidays.

We are:

Insured Bonded Certified in Pet First Aid

Contact Us:


Victoria Street,
Whitby, Ontario

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