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Why You’re Not Scoring New Pet Sitting Clients

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Duane Forrester runs the SEO program for MSN

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Every month, members can join us live for new seminars or listen to them later in the library.

Videos include:

  • Attorney Chris Holley on all things legal
  • Expert Jill Lublin on Publicity and PR
  • Paul Franklin On All Things Sales
  • Starting and Running a Poop Scooping Service
  • Fun and Zany Client Requests!
  • Identify Stress in Pets w/ Diana Guerrero
  • Community Outreach w/ Stefanie Domsky
  • Keyword Research for the Rest of Us
  • Add A Payroll Expert To Your Team
  • Working With Employees with Bella Vasta
  • How I Reached Six Figures in My First Year
  • …And More!

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