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  • 12 More Virtual Conference Videos

    Posted February 15, 2011 By in Virtual Conference Webinar Videos With | No Comments 12 More Virtual Conference Videos

    The 2010 APSE Virtual Conference featured 22 expert speakers on a variety of topics relevant to pet sitters at all stages of their business. Here is an overview of the recorded webinar presentations in our Members Area:

    Creating Your Own Complete Low Cost Marketing Strategy

    by Danielle Chonody

    • The 3 steps of the sales process
    • Why you need a free offer and how to use it to build a list of potential clients that you can follow up with to build a relationship
    • The essential ingredients of your Pet Sitting Marketing Pie
    • How to create and implement marketing systems that run on auto-pilot

    Build a Pet Sitting Website That Coverts Visitors Into Clients

    by Joshua Cary

    • Strategies for making Google happy and landing in the search engines
    • Discover the best elements for creating a positive user experience to turn visitors into clients
    • Free online tools and resources to test your site’s effectiveness
    • Learn exactly what your visitors WANT and how to give it to them

    Natural Health and Therapies for Pets

    by Dr. Kim Bloomer

    • Understand exactly what Influences the Pet Health System
    • Natural Health Is Achieved From the Inside Out
    • There Are Always Natural Alternatives
    • When To Use Conventional Care and when NOT to
    • Bringing It All Together

    Ten Ways to Build a Creative Business Culture for Your Pet Sitting Business

    by Juanita Weaver

    • Just what is creativity and is everyone creative
    • The importance of getting new input from a variety of sources
    • How to use a few easy techniques to help generate ideas
    • Techniques for handling the tension of the creative process
    • Involve everyone

    Dealing with Difficult Clients To Create Raving Fans

    by Maribeth Kuzmeski

    • The right way to extend a peace offering
    • Get them to listen to you by… listening to them
    • Have a standard service protocol at the ready
    • How to ask the right questions

    The Role of the Professional Pet Sitter in Pet Hospice

    by Lauren Urbais

    • Participants will be introduced to the skills needed to add pet hospice services to an existing pet sitting business
    • Learn about the complicated emotional landscape involved with clients while working in pet hospice and how to remain empathetic and avoid burnout
    • You will be introduced to the business aspects of providing pet hospice including needed equipment, scheduling considerations and a specialized pet sitting contract addendum for your use
    • Learn how to move past our human fear of death to understand that the journey of pet hospice with a beloved animal companion can be a beautiful and growth promoting journey of love, trust and peace
    • Develop an understanding of the physical and behavioral changes that occur during the final stages as companion animals near their transition and how this information helps you assist the client

    Emergency Planning for Pet Sitters

    by Diana Guerrero

    • What animal disaster preparedness means to your business & customers
    • How to develop a plan to minimize problems in the event of a disaster
    • What to do (and not to do) if you are servicing clients during a disaster
    • Post disaster problems & how to minimize pet trauma
    • Resources for education, training, and help

    How To Strategically Expand Your Business

    by Beth Fasnacht

    Top Strategies to Attract Midday Walking Clients

    by Veronica Boutelle

    • Learn general marketing do’s and don’ts you can apply to your entire business
    • Learn the most effective ways to market dog walking– even if your budget is a shoestring
    • Learn what makes a compelling marketing message– and how to avoid common messaging mistakes
    • Learn how to use a niche to make your walking business stand out

    Pet Sitting Business Creativity: How to Stand Out From the Competition

    by Wendy Kenney

    • Give them candy (not literally). But to get your foot in the door, you’ve got to give them what they want
    • Creative marketing ideas that won’t break the bank
    • Social Media – Should I, shouldn’t I
    • How to become known as the expert in your field
    • The one thing you can do that will set you apart from the rest – guaranteed

    Track and Manage Your Business Expenses To Make Tax Time Easy

    by Edward Jones

    • Use the correct tools to make tax time a breeze
    • Find out which expenses are tax-deductible and which are not
    • Manage your finances for greater profitability

    Networking to Build Strong and Profitable Relationships

    by Donna Fisher

    • The steps to building an influential network of professional contacts
    • The number one reason most peole are uncomfortable with networking
    • How to avoid the three most common networking turnoffs
    • What not to say when making requests of others
    • The 5 step criteria for creating a powerful statement of introduction

    Plus, the other 10:

    How to Create Business Systems That Save Time and Money

    by Danielle Chonody

    Using Power Pet Sitter Pet Sitting Software to Streamline Your Business

    by Shannon Centola

    Caring for Senior Dogs and Cats

    by Thom Somes

    Social Media Tools and Strategies for Pet Sitters

    by Chris Tompkins

    Plan Your Busy Holiday Season For Less Stress and More Profits

    by Paul Franklin

    How to Create a Pet Sitting Employee Manual

    by Jan Brown

    Using Bluewave Professional Pet Sitter Software to Streamline Your Business

    by Chris Hayne

    How to Find, Screen and Hire the Perfect Pet Sitting Staff

    by Joshua Cary

    When is the right time to hire pet sitting staff?

    APSE Panel Discussion

    How to Create a Pet Sitting Client Retention Program

    by Laura Taylor

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