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  • FBML on your Pet Sitting Facebook Fan Page – Part 1

    Posted June 28, 2010 By in SEO and Marketing With | 3 Comments

    Are you ready to take your pet sitting Facebook fan page to the next level?

    Do you want to make your fan page more interactive and gain more loyal fans?

    FBML is the answer. I created a 2-part FBML series that walks you through the basics and the specifics.

    Part 1 – FBML Basics (this page)
    Part 2 – Getting FBML on your fan page

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  • FBML on your Pet Sitting Facebook Fan Page – Part 2

    Posted By in SEO and Marketing With | 6 Comments

    Welcome to Part 2 of our FBML video series.

    In Part 1, we discussed the basics of FBML. Today, in Part 2, we are going to get you all up and running with FBML on your pet sitting Facebookfan page.

    Part 1 – FBML Basics
    Part 2 – Getting FBML on your fanpage (this page)

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  • [Podcast] 10 Ways to Market and SEO Your Pet Sitting Website

    Posted June 26, 2010 By in SEO and Marketing With | 2 Comments

    APSE co-founder Joshua Cary interviews PetWebDesigner.com CEO Michael Ayalon. Listen in and discover 10 specific things you can do right now to market your pet sitting website.

    Push the PLAY button on the big screen below to listen in:

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  • APSE Open House Celebration This Weekend

    Posted June 17, 2010 By in APSE News and Events With | No Comments

    This weekend is Father’s Day and the start of Summer begins on Monday.

    So we thought what better way to celebrate than to open up the APSE windows, sit on our virtual porch, and let the neighbors hang out with us for the weekend.

    We are offering the first 50 pet sitters to sign up complimentary access to our Pet Sitter Website School and the Members Forums.

    Our goal is to give a select few an inside glimpse into what we are doing and see if it’s right for them.

    If you’ve been on the fence and haven’t joined us yet this is the perfect chance to grab a preview of all the great resources we give our members and join us on the forums to ask your questions.

    Here’s the quick details: The first 50 pet sitters to sign up here: https://www.petsittingexcellence.com/web-school/ will be on the list to experience our stuff beginning this Friday, June 18 through Sunday, June 20.

    So, you must sign up now to reserve your spot.

    In either case, tell your friends, post on Facebook, announce on message groups, whatever…!

  • The APSE Pet Sitter Website School

    Posted June 2, 2010 By in APSE News and Events With | No Comments

    Welcome to our newest feature at the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence  – Joshua’s Pet Sitter Website School. The school is a 12-part video tutorial that walks you through 12 distinct elements of the Alitia’s Animals website – the site to which Joshua and his wife Alitia give credit for the success of their pet sitting business.

    In each video Joshua explains the importance of each website element and shows you where to find the resources to add these elements to your own site.

    Take a look at the school details now and listen to Joshua’s Welcome Message and a preview sample of Lesson #5: Header Images.  You’ll get a taste of what you’ll find inside the school grounds!

       Lesson 5: Header Images

    View the preview here:   https://www.petsittingexcellence.com/web-school/

    We also have 2 free bonus reports waiting for your right now inside the website school. The first is the popular PetSittingOlogy Google Guide titled “The Official Pet Sitter’s Guide To Making Google Happy” and your second free report is “Simple SEO Strategies – Staking Your Claim on Google.”

    Both compliment the School quite well and are filled with specific actions you can take today to improve your website rankings. The 2 reports are yours to keep forever.

    Last week we released the school to our members and you can see that it was a big hit!

    “A very HUGE :) Josh. I thoroughly enjoyed your Pet Sitting Website School! Absolutely fabulous and many members will pick up some very good tips and learn about what makes a good functional website to entice potential clients!. Wonderful Job! … Josh’s presentation skills are superb!” — Laura Taylor, Parrot ‘n’ Pet Sitting Services

    “This is awesome… Also helped me find some stuff that I had been looking for but not finding on my own… like the icon finder and ‘add this’… THANKS” — Dedi Wood, Shadow & Marty’s Pet Care

    See what all the fuss is about now by checking out all the details right here:


    Of course if you have any questions – just email us at info@petsittingexcellence.com.  We are always here to help and just an email or phone call away!


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