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  • 9 SEO Tools Every Pet Sitter Must Use

    Posted July 22, 2010 By in Pet Sitters With | 2 Comments

    When it comes to marketing your pet sitting business, one of the best ways to approach the subject is by focusing on your pet sitting website.

    I’m sure you know by now that I am all about using your website as the core of your marketing strategy.

    I’ve been able to build a successful website that generates 99% of our business and I understand a lot of this can be confusing, stressful and frustrating.

    One of our goals at APSE is to help as many of our members succeed by simply improving their websites.

    And I’m thrilled to read all the success stories so far. On that note, I present 9 free online tools you can use right now to help with your website SEO and marketing efforts.

    Take some time to explore and understand the various tools. Each will help a separate important factor in your hunt for search engine domination!

    Bookmark this page, share it with your fans, and post your questions, comments and results below.

    Free Online SEO Tools for Pet Sitters To Use

    1: Keyword Density Analysis

    seo book image

    Type your web address into the search bar and marvel at the results.

    You really shouldn’t waste your time trying to “get” more of your keywords onto your pages, as it’s always better to write content in a natural flowing tone.

    For example, if you wanted to focus on the phrase ‘dog walker in Miami’ it would not be a good idea to write:

    “Welcome to the home of the best dog walker in Miami.  As a dog walker in Miami, I take my job and responsibility very seriously.  In fact, I wanted to be a dog walker in Miami since I was a little child.  Think about it, who wouldn’t want to be a dog walker in Miami and walk dogs in Miami all day long?  If you are looking for a dog walker in Miami, please contact me today!”

    You could, however, include the phrase a few times throughout the entire page.

    This tool will give you a neat overview of what Google sees.

    Secret Tip: Type a competitor’s web address and see how their results compare to yours.


    2: Search Engine Indexed Pages

    Want to discover how many of your website pages are currently in the search engines?

    Enter your pet sitting website address into this nifty tool and see the numbers before your eyes.


    3: Get to REALLY Know Your Visitors

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew what percentage of your pet sitting website visitors were male vs. female?  Or what age-range each visitor was in?

    Or what if you knew their exact level of education, whether they were single, married or engaged, or even their ethnicity?

    Believe it or not, it’s all possible (and it’s all free).

    Simply sign up for a free account, claim your site by adding some tracking code, and sit back.


    4: Bad Neighborhood Links

    You know that saying that says “we are the company we keep?”  Obviously, that simply means that the people we choose to surround ourselves with say a lot about who we ourselves are.

    Well, your website is not much different.  Did you know that the very sites you link to (along with the sites that link to you) speak volumes about your pet sitting business in the eyes of Google?

    Would you know if you’re linking to sites that are in trouble with Google?  Or worse, are big, bad, mean sites linking to you?

    Find out instantly at the Bad Neighborhood Link Checker.


    5: Browser screen resolution checker

    With almost a dozen various screen resolutions, you can never be sure exactly how your pet sitting website actually looks in your visitors’ browsers.

    Screen resolution basically refers to display size of ones monitor.  It’s the amount of information on your screen (top to bottom, left to right).


    Want to instantly find our your screen resolution?  Check out http://www.screenresolution.org/

    6: Online Spell Checker

    spell check

    How bad is your spelling?  Mine is horrible, but as I like to say, Microsoft Word is a perfect speller.

    Truth be told, there is simply no excuse these days for mispelled words.  (Did you catch that?  I was trying to make a funny.  I intentionally misspelled the word ‘mispelled.’)

    In any case, run your website content, emails, or other pieces of writing into a free online spell check.

    The cool thing about this service is that you can either copy and paste your content into the spell check box or enter in your web page and it will check it for you.


    7: Dead Link Checker

    Staying on top of your SEO is very good.  Having Google find dead (or broken) links on your website is very bad.

    A dead link is simply a link on your pet sitting website that either leads to “404 – Page Not Found” or “Page Can Not Be Displayed” white browser screens.

    There are a couple of main reasons there might be a dead link on your site.

    1) The site you were once happily linking to moved or shut down.

    2) You inadvertently mistyped the correct web address and didn’t test the link before publishing it on your site.

    No worries.  Enter your website URL in the link checker box, and within a minute you’ll know if all your links are active.


    8: Your Strongest Web Page

    Interested in finding out exactly which of your pet sitting website pages Google thinks is the best (the strongest)?

    It may not be your home page, and there’s only one to find out.

    Run your site URL through SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer.


    9: Addict-O-Matic

    addict o matic

    Are you addicted to the InterWeb?!  Now you can get your fix all in one place.

    Type in a term, phrase, name, idea, thought, URL, person, place, animal, website or topic and you’ll be returned a bunch of organized results from Twitter, Google, Bing, Youtube, Friendfeed, Digg, WordPress and news sites.


    There You Go

    Leave a reply with any comments or questions about these tools and let the APSE cheer you on as you build your pet sitting business!

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Those were great tips and I will definitely use them. Thank you!

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