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  • Ads for Hiring Pet Sitting Staff

    Posted March 26, 2011 By in Pet Sitters With | 3 Comments

    baby reading adThe topic of hiring in the pet sitting industry is nothing new.

    We all have our own thoughts on IC vs. employee, pay percentage vs. flat rate, the best application and hiring process, and the list goes on.

    There are many angles and approaches that are acceptable and work perfectly for each individual.

    But what happens if you don’t get the first step in the process right?

    Venturing into the waters of the hiring process is no easy feat.

    It requires many big decisions to be made along the way, and it means that you are experiencing growth, which can conjure up many emotions in any business owner (fear, concern, excitement, anticipation to name a random few).

    And it’s not usually a two-day process either, but rather a bit longer one with unplanned twists and turns.

    Getting Step 1 Right

    No matter which route you take, it all begins with the ad you place to attract the attention of your most perfect, ideal pet sitter candidate.

    In my Pet Sitter Independent Contractor Toolbox (over at PetSittingOlogy), one of the tools included is a sampling of 28 different ads actually used by pet sitters looking to hire a pet sitter.

    That got me thinking…

    What qualities or requirements do you feel are the most important to include in an effective online ad when looking to hire?

    Top 5 Things To Include in Your Pet Sitter Ad

    From analyzing the 28 ads I compiled in my IC toolbox, a handful of common requirements became evident. Do understand that every business owner is different, with different needs and goals.

    At the end of the day, you’ll want to include what works for you. Here, then, are the 5 requests most ads had in common:

    Long-term commitment
    The vast majority request at least a 6-12 month commitment from the pet sitter coming on board.

    Be in good physical shape
    It’s important that any person applying understands the strength needed to handle some of the big breed dogs.

    Own car
    The new pet sitter will be responsible for all transportation, to and from pet sitting jobs. A reliable car is imperative. It’s also important to note up front that gas is at the expense of the pet sitter.

    Have a neat and clean appearance
    Some may think that spending all day with cats and dogs gives them a free pass to slack on appearance. Don’t forget that the sitter will usually be meeting all clients during the meet-n-greet so a neat appearance is expected to make a good first impression.

    Cell phone and Email
    Communication is key. Access to email on a daily and regular basis, along with a reliable cell phone, is vital to the success of your sitter.

    What Else Would You Add To The List?

    So, help us add to the list.

    What do you think is absolutely essential to include IN THE AD to spell out up front and get the ball rolling? (comment below.)

    Image Credit: Qole Pejorian

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Comments (3)

Dedi Wood » 26. Mar, 2011

The person can pass a criminal/drug and background checks.
Experience with animals.
Pet First Aid & CPR Certified.

Jacqueline Rivera » 28. Mar, 2011

Have experience with basic training for dogs and love them of course!
Be on-time.
Pass a criminal background check.
State issued license and social security card.
Be responsible.
Friendly and have a can-do attitude
Be available on-call during this time frame. Have access to phone/e-mail.
Have 3 references.
Be Pet CPR First Aid Certified or be willing to be.

Cheri Hoffer » 08. Jun, 2011

Make it clear that top references are essential, not just any three references and that the references must be able to speak to the candidate’s experience with pets, their common sense and good judgment. I always speak with the veterinarian in their pets’ pasts, but then I am not hiring youngsters anywhere near having just left their parents’ nests. ICs spend all their time working alone and I want to know what their decision making process is like, how they function under pressure and in emergencies, how resourceful they are and what is the state of their integrity.

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