• Are Pet Sitting Associations Worth The Money?

    Take a 5 Day Taste of the APSE To Find Out!

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    APSE wants to face the question above head on by putting our reputation on the line.

    How many times have you worked hard to pay for something only to be let down by the outcome?

    As pet sitting business owners, we have so many constant decisions to make that things can seem quite overwhelming at times.

    And when things become overwhelming, very little progress gets made.

    We Know Pet Sitters!

    Here at APSE, we understand the life of a pet sitter – because each and every one of us are active in the industry with our own successful pet sitting businesses.

    We understand:

    • The struggle to find a new client
    • The need for more website traffic
    • The perfect resources to make signing up a new client much simpler
    • The true benefit of a professional community to run your hard-pressing questions by
    • The rules of small business
    • The best way to close the sale
    • The latest trends in search engine optimization and social media
    • How to successfully transition to staff, independent contractors or employees
    • …and so much more.

    APSE firmly believes that any pet sitting association needs to provide much more than a badge to put on your website. In other words, what good is a logo if you aren’t where you need to be in your business?

    APSE By The Numbers

    APSE was founded on April 15, 2010 in an effort to bring more tools, resources and insight to the pet sitting industry.

    Our aim is to empower each individual pet sitter with the skills, tools and knowledge needed to reach new heights in their pet sitting business.

    To date, we have created over 76 hours of video content in a wide array of categories, while our members have created over 11,126 forum posts on more than 1,304 topics!

    So, What Does This All Mean To You?

    You should get to know APSE personally and decide for yourself if pet sitting associations are worth the money before joining.

    And the only way you can properly do that is by getting a real taste of what it is we do.

    We like to be open and transparent with all pet sitters so you can wisely choose where to invest your time and hard-earned money.

    Our partners are generous and accessible and never require membership into our association in order to enjoy their services.

    We Are Here To Help You By Giving You A Free 5 Day Taste of APSE!

    Are you ready to make 2012 your best year yet?

    Are you willing to give APSE the opportunity to celebrate in your success with you?

    We’ve decide to give you a sneak preview of 5 tools that are normally reserved for our members only — and you can decide for yourself if joining a pet sitting association like APSE is right for you.

    • Day 1: How To Achieve Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business by Danielle Chonody (95 page, digital book version)
    • Day 2: Your Website & Google – Joshua Cary provides the latest tips for getting found in the search engines (53 minutes, Video)
    • Day 3: Thom Somes, The Pet Safety Guy, Discusses Motivation & New Months Resolutions (55 minutes, Video)
    • Day 4: International speaker, best selling author Bob Burg reveals how to get endless referrals (52 minutes, Seminar)
    • Day 5: Watch as we review & offer specific feedback to our member’s pet sitting website (24 minutes, Video)

    The 5 days include a variety of topics to get your pet sitting business moving in the right direction. Whether you are just starting out or just starting grow, you will be able to use each of the 5 tools we deliver to get ahead (whether you decide to move forward with APSE or not).

    OK, So How Do You Get Started?

    To get started and to receive your Day 1 content right now, simply enter your name and email address and you’ll be all set.
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    Remember, we will never share your info with anyone or compromise your privacy. You will receive Day 1 today, followed by Day 2 tomorrow, Day 3 the day after… etc.

    Sign up for free and experience the best of APSE each day for 5 days.

    Day 1 – Danielle Chonody’s Pet Sitting Book
    Day 2 – Joshua Cary’s Webinar on SEO
    Day 3 – Thom Somes’ Webinar on Motivation
    Day 4 – Bob Burg’s Seminar on Referrals
    Day 5 – Member Website Review Video

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