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  • Building Business By Simplification

    Posted October 3, 2011 By in Pet Sitters With | 1 Comment

    In the last 8 years of being a small to mid-sized business consultant, the number one problem I have helped businesses with is time management. Being diagnosed with adult ADD, I have certainly had my struggles with time management, but I have created some excellent methods to ensure time used is spent wisely. Time easily …

  • 10 LIES Business Owners Believe

    Posted September 22, 2011 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    Over the last few years, I have probably heard thousands of lies that business owners tell themselves. As a business owner, we tend to believe what works… and just because something works a handful of times for us; we tend to believe that is how we should operate. Here are some of the most common …

  • Inspiration From A Kid’s Carwash

    Posted August 23, 2011 By in Pet Sitters, SEO and Marketing With | No Comments

    We live in a relatively middle-class younger neighborhood. Everyone has kids under 13 and the houses are all quiet by 9pm because there is school, sport practice, and work early the next morning. In the blistering heat of summer, the neighborhood kids decided they wanted to start a lemonade stand to make some money and …

  • Who Wants a Six Figure Income? I Prefer Seven. Here’s How.

    Posted August 16, 2011 By in Pet Sitters With | 2 Comments

    By teaching and consulting with service businesses (and pet companies) throughout the US, there is a clear distinction between business levels. In the pet industry, I have roughly observed that start-ups (0 – 2 years; or $0 – $59,000) have different mindsets than teenage companies ( 2 – 5 years or $60,000 – $150,000); and …

  • A Test In Expanding Your Pet Business

    Posted August 9, 2011 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    Testing Your Vision You want to do something new in your business, but you’re lacking confidence in your vision. Perhaps you are debating adding poop scoop services or you are thinking of hiring contractors instead of employees. Whatever the case may be, there are a few questions to ask yourself that will help validate your …

  • 10 Ways To Increase Sales Without Selling

    Posted June 30, 2011 By in Pet Sitters, SEO and Marketing With | 3 Comments

    or… 10 Ways To Up-sell Clients When you use a business you are more apt to buy again from the business. Your client’s buy walking or sitting services from you routinely and they trust your opinion when it comes to their pets. Instead of spending more money to advertise to new people, don’t forget about …

  • Prevent the Pet Sitting Industry from Disappearing

    Posted March 21, 2011 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    Just how important do you think it is to be innovative in your pet sitting business? The word innovative simply means a new way of doing something’ or ‘the creation of new ideas or things. Dog training, for example, may not be a part of the dog walker’s job. Yet. Many companies are starting to …

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