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  • Boarding A Dog? Consider This Before Leaving Your Dog Behind

    Posted July 20, 2010 By in Pet Owners With | 1 Comment

    tali camitaQuick: When you hear the term ‘boarding a dog’ what comes to mind?

    Most likely, you’ll think of a kennel, boarding house, vet’s office or other caged environment that watches many dogs at once.

    Did you know that boarding a dog can be more personal, humane and attentive than it once was?

    It’s true.  Many dog owners may not realize that professional pet sitters offer cage-free dog boarding in their home while you are away.

    So, picture this: Instead of leaving your dog in a caged or otherwise stressful environment, consider calling your local professional pet sitter who will take your furry family member into their home.

    Your dog will literally feel like she’s on vacation!

    Advantages of Boarding A Dog with a Pet Sitter:

    Personalized, one-on-one attention

    Since your dog is usually the only guest in the pet sitter’s home, your pooch receives all the love and affection she is already used to receiving.

    No exposure to air-born diseases

    Because of the very nature of many dogs running around in such close quarters, disease such as kennel cough (Bordetella) can run ramped, typically found in some boarding houses.

    More exercise and play time

    When you choose to board your dog with a pet sitter, there is no limit to the amount of exercise and playtime she’ll receive. Naturally, some boarding houses or kennels must limit the amount of play the dogs receive.

    Same bed and couch privileges

    If Fido gets to lounge around on the couch and Lazy-Boy while in his natural home environment, he’ll feel right at home in a pet sitter’s home and have no problems fitting in.

    Let’s Hear from Some Pet Sitters on the Topic of Boarding A Dog

    Pamela Ranheim

    I don’t offer dog boarding on a regular basis but I do take some of my client’s dogs home with me when they are away. Things I want to be sure of are:
    How the dog is with other animals, people and children. Up to date on shots.

    I will usually do a dry run with them at my house just to be sure that it will work out before the client goes away. That way if for any reason it does not work out we still have time to make other options.

    I get a lot of requests for this service but just am not set up to do it on a regular basis. I think you would need to me home most of the time as you are responsible for their pets.

    In my town, anything over 4 dogs and you have to apply for a boarding permit. The surprising part of that is even if you own all the dogs you would still need a permit. You should go to you town hall and ask them.

    Theresa Hyatt Cahill

    I offer this to a select few clients. The animals have to be able to get along with children, dogs and a menagerie of animals. It is a blessing and a curse sometimes.

    Some in-home boarding is advantageous to more nervous dogs. Some dogs are not made for boarding and need the constant uproar of a home to feel comfortable.

    My dog, at one time, was unable to be left alone in a kennel cause he climbs fences and goes over the top. He needed someone or somewhere that was more secure and he needed to hear people around him.

    Where Do You Usually Board Your Dog?

    Pet Owners: We’d love to know where you leave your pooch when you must travel. Leave your comments below.

    Pet Sitters: Add to the conversation and tell us how you view the topic.

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