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marketing excellence

Marketing Excellence

Great consistent marketing makes certain that potential clients can easily find your service. You build immediate trust by identifying your expertise and credentials while highlighting superior customer testimonials.

operational excellence

Operational Excellence

Operational systems make running your business more efficient by allowing you to hand off tasks to a support team as your business grows. Without systems in place, you are leaving customer service and the well being of the pets to chance.

building your team

Building Your Excellence Team

Building a team to help your pet sitting business grow will increase your income and give you more free time to do what's important to you. As an added bonus, you'll be giving others an additional source of income from work that they find very rewarding.

Danielle ChonodyDear Pet Sitting Business Owner,

I'm Danielle Chonody, a fellow pet sitting business owner known for promoting the sharing of pet sitting business building tips through my blog Working with Pets, via Facebook and Twitter, and my latest free E-book "The Pet Sitters Sharing Excellence Project".

My new book "How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business" gathers together my personal experience from 7 years of running my own pet sitting service Protecting Max, the lessons I've learned from networking with and mentoring other pet sitters, and many years spent as a student of marketing and business strategy.

In this 94-page printed book, you will learn how you can create an exceptional pet sitting service that provides superior pet care, runs smoothly and effortlessly, and builds a client-base that become your raving fans.

My book is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to start a pet sitting business that instantly creates community buzz by providing your clients with a unique pet care experience that exceeds expectations
  • You want to build a pet sitting business that runs with ease and gives you more lifestyle freedom
  • You have an existing pet sitting business that you want to grow to serve more clients because you want to make a difference in the lives of more animals every day
  • You want to avoid dangerous mistakes which can cost you time, money, and enthusiasm, and find an easier path to pet sitting business success

Why did I write this book?

Over my years as a pet sitting business owner I have noticed a gap in the current advice that is available to new pet sitting business owners, and pet sitting business owners who want to grow their business and provide first class pet care to a large number of clients.

I am a member of several pet sitting industry groups and have found that the majority are narrowly focused on teaching people how to startup a new pet sitting business, while simply educating them on the basics of marketing, customer service, and pet care.

In my book I pick up where others leave off and go beyond the basics to show you how to run and manage your business more professionally, efficiently and effectively.

Therese Kopiwoda "How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business is a no-nonsense book for people who are serious about building a professional and profitable pet sitting business. Danielle's easy to understand procedures, systems, and explanations will help you create a solid foundation on which to build your success.

And, with the questions she poses throughout the book, you'll learn to make sound business decisions that will be beneficial for your business as well as your clients."

—Therese Kopiwoda - Founder of PetsitUSA.com and Social Media Coach, Twitter ID @petsitusa

Diana L Guerrero "How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business is a vital resource for any pet sitter that is seeking insider tips on how to market their business. I especially like that How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business incorporates social media strategies and empowers readers with strategies in both traditional and new media marketing. If you are a pet sitter who wants to get an edge over your competition, I suggest you get your hands on this cutting edge resource"

—Diana L Guerrero (Ark Lady) Animal expert and Past President of the Pet Sitters Association of Southern California. http://www.arkanimals.com


What is Pet Sitting Excellence?

To grow a successful pet sitting business you must offer your clients a consistent, reliable, and caring pet care service that provides for the basic needs of the pets in your care such as food, exercise, and affection.

However, pet sitting excellence goes far beyond just providing excellent pet care. A business that creates pet sitting excellence also excels at exceeding the pet owners' needs and expectations by creating an exceptional pet sitting experience.

To demonstrate pet sitting excellence, your business must:

  • Build a partnership with the client to maintain the pets health and normal routine
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Have operational processes in place that ensure consistent and reliable quality pet care
  • Make customer convenience a priority
  • Display transparent pricing and policies
  • Keep regular office hours and return client enquiries promptly
  • Provide consistent service availability given reasonable notice by clients
  • Have written contingency plans and emergency procedures
  • Have a thorough screening process for pet sitters and staff
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for staff to grow their pet care knowledge
  • Be bonded and insured to protect yourself and your clients
  • Work to quickly identify and resolve client problems
  • Educate pet owners and raise community awareness of pet health and safety
  • Maintain confidentiality of client and pet information
  • Give back to your local community

Why is creating excellence so important for the success of your pet sitting business?

In our culture, pets are fast becoming more than just companion animals. They are now valuable members of the family. As such the role of the pet sitter takes on even greater responsibility.

As a pet sitter you are the temporary custodian of your client's pets. It is your job to protect their health, safety, and emotional wellbeing while the pet's owners cannot be there to do this important job. It is vitally important that your pet sitting business is set up so that you have systems in place that both guarantee the pet's wellbeing as well as take care of your client's emotional needs by making them feel safe leaving the pets in your care.

In the past two years the pet sitting industry has seen an average of 7% annual growth. This means that the number of pet sitting services available to pet owners in your area is expanding and to make sure that your business continues to attract new clients you must become more competitive by offering superior services. Creating a business designed to embody pet sitting excellence allows you to build a reputation as the pet sitting services leader in your area.

The improved customer satisfaction will ensure that your business receives more repeat business, generates more word of mouth referrals, and creates automatic client buzz and community publicity and recognition. It will also allow you to collect sparkling testimonials from your clients that then work to help you build trust and market your business to new clients.

Rob Nager "Whether you are starting a new pet sitting business or have been in the industry for years, Danielle Chonody's book will be an essential resource for you. Danielle clearly establishes the market opportunity, strategies for selecting and marketing to a target market and also outlines the operations side of the business, including staffing - often frustrating topics for many pet care providers.

The book provides straight-forward ideas and suggestions for developing a brand that will help you attract, develop and maintain long-term relationships with loyal clients. If you haven't read How To Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business your competitors probably have. This book is focused on EXCELLENCE and will serve you well if you want to be a leader in the pet sitting business - because it was written by one. I highly recommend it."

—Rob Nager Founder & Top Dog, Decadent Dog, Needham MA

Thom Somes I speak to people every day who are wanting to start a a business dealing with pets and they are looking for what I call an "Encore Career". In the Pet Tech Training Programs we teach all you have is your "Head, Hands & Heart." In this case their heart is in the right place but their "head and hands" don't know how to create a successful Pet Care Business.

Danielle's book will give you the tools to get your "head and hands" in the right place. "How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business" gives great advice if you are a Pet Sitter but the information is also of immense value for any other kind of Pet Care Professional Business.

The average pet lover who wants to start a business never really considers all the elements involved like how to set up a business, defining a target market, which marketing methods are best, team building, operations and much, much more. Read this book from cover to cover with a highlighter. Then take inspired action with deliberate intent and purpose for your success!

—Thom Somes, "The Pet Safety Guy"TM Founder of PetTech.net

Rachel Monroe "How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business is an invaluable guide for anyone looking to take their business to the next level. This book unfolds 3 key systems which are the secret weapons to operating a pet sitting business that is financially and personally rewarding. By using the techniques outlined in this book you will discover how to increase your income, make managing your business stress-free & fun, and become recognized as an outstanding professional in your community. A must-read!!!"

—Rachel Monroe, The Pet Industry Copywriter www.rachelmonroe.com


What will you find in the book?

In the book you will discover the 3 keys to creating a pet sitting service that provides pet care excellence. I lead you through a sequential step-by-step process to set up your business to achieve this level of success.

You'll also find insider tips that will allow you to attract customers quickly, and the customer service secrets to guarantee that your new customers can't help but tell all their friends about your service.

The aim of this book is to give you the business know-how required to build marketing, operational, and hiring systems that you need if it is your goal to create:

  • Pet care and customer service excellence
  • A pet sitting business that runs smoothly and with ease
  • A pet sitting business that can ultimately produce passive income for you

The book will show you how to:

  • Define and find your ideal pet sitting clients
  • Make your business stand above the rest by building a strong pet sitting brand
  • Create your own marketing toolkit
  • Use 8 low cost marketing methods to attract a consistent stream of ideal clients
  • Create your own marketing system that takes the stress out of promoting your business
  • Build your own operational systems that maximize efficiency, guarantee that you and your staff provide consistent excellent pet care, and ensure that you follow up with clients to build long term relationships
  • Document operational systems so you can use them to see opportunities to improve the way you do things and easily train new staff
  • Find, screen, and hire new staff members that support your business growth
  • Reward your staff and encourage them to continually market and improve your pet sitting business

Buy Your Copy Today!

In my book, you will discover a simple step-by-step process to setting up your business that will get you on the fast track to attracting new clients, exceeding their pet care expectations, and making an impact on the quality of life of pets in your community.

Whether you are starting a new pet sitting business or are ready to take your existing pet sitting business to a higher level of success, I guarantee this book is for you!

Start your journey to pet sitting excellence today!


Signed Danielle Chonody

The Pet Sitting Excellence Coach
Co-Founder of the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence

P.S. Here's what other pet sitters and pet business professionals say about the book...

Lisa Sellman "Danielle has captured the stellar points needed to achieve a successful pet care business. Her years of working with other pet sitters as their mentor, has provided her with the insight to steer pet sitters away from dangerous mistakes which can cost time, money, and enthusiasm. This book has all of the information that I wish I had known when I started my business years ago."

—Lisa Sellman, Owner of Aloha Pet Care & Dog Training, Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Kim Bloomer"If you are even just considering starting your own pet sitting business, then How To Create Excellence by Danielle Chonody is a wise choice to add to your business arsenal. Danielle has taken the guess work out of setting up, operating, and marketing a pet sitting business. She has put all the vital information you need to succeed in this growing field together in a nice, concise, easy to read and implement book.

If you truly want to not only succeed but to excel in this line of work, then How To Create Excellence is not optional - get it, read it, and then apply what you learn! Your clients and the pets they love will benefit greatly by the knowledge you gain."

—Dr. Kim Bloomer, Veterinary Naturopath, Author and Radio Show Host

Joseph Giannini"How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business is some of the best information I have read on how to harness the power of excellent marketing, operational, and support team systems to create an exceptional pet sitting client experience. I was unhappy with the current industry groups that focus on teaching people how to start up a new pet sitting business and educating them on the basics of marketing, customer service, and pet care.

My company was so far past that and How to Create Excellence seems to pickup where they leave off. I was particularly impressed by the information offered on how to create a brand and why that is so important as well as the information that Danielle shares about marketing methods and most of all social media tools. I'm glad I had a sneak peek at this book and plan on using the information I learned from it starting TODAY. It's hard work owning a pet care service, with 3 locations, 40 employees, taxes, insurance and all the headaches and guessing games to work through. How to Create Excellence is a mapped out plan for not only newbies, but seasoned professionals, or those that think they are!

—Joseph Giannini, Owner of Urban Outsitters, Chicago, IL

Sheena Diane "How to create excellence is the one book you HAVE to get if you are starting a pet sitting business. Not only does Danielle give all the basic start up facts, but she even teaches you how to market your business once it's started. How to create excellence is a great book for anyone who has, or is thinking of starting a pet related business. Her ideas are unique, and can help you stand out from your competition. This is a must read, educational book, that can really give you all the knowledge you need to be a success."

—Sheena Diane, Veterinary Technician and Freelance writer

Dawn Z Bournand "How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business is not only a must read for pet sitters everywhere, it is a brilliant look at how to incorporate true excellence in your business. Danielle takes her readers from the basics of starting a pet sitting business, to creating savvy marketing both on-line and off-line, to developing a business model that allows for both financial and time freedom. Though this book was written for pet sitters, Danielle has provided such valuable insider information that any business owner would benefit from reading her wisdom filled advice.

—Dawn Z Bournand, Founder of Fabulously Successful, International Speaker and Author


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