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  • This Is How Your Potential Clients See Your Pet Sitting Website [video]

    Posted July 1, 2011 By in Pet Sitters, SEO and Marketing With | 4 Comments

    This video is all about making sure your pet sitting website appears as you intend it to appear across a variety of browsers.

    After all, your website visitors (potential clients) may not be using the same browser, operating system or display settings as you use.

    In the video, you’ll learn how to use a free online tool to make sure your site is looking its best.

    Oh, one last thing… Every Friday, we send out a free pet sitter tips newsletter, and this video was made as a special part of the most recent tip.

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    Now on with the show!

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    There you have it.

    Please share your thoughts, questions, comments and findings on this topic, and thanks for watching.

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Comments (4)

Liz Bradbury » 01. Jul, 2011

I tried to go into spoon.net/browsers to check into this after listening to the video. I have a Mac and the message I got was “spoon.net does not support a Mac”. Suggestions? This didn’t help me.

Joshua » 01. Jul, 2011

Oh boy. Sorry to hear that, Liz. I had no idea Mac was not supported through Spoon at this time.

I will make a note of this in the post, and will also keep my eyes open for suitable alternatives.

More to follow…

Jeni » 03. Jul, 2011

Yeah, sad Mac user here too. Which is ironic since so many web designers use Macs and need to make sure their awesome websites look good on the Winblows side. Thanks for the suggestion tho, Josh. Maybe someday Spoon developers will get their heads out of the sand and realize that Apple has a HUGE market share.

Blake Madden » 12. Jul, 2011


My name is Blake and I work for Spoon. I just wanted to let you know that we are listening and working on it- we are currently developing Spoon for Mac. Thanks for checking us out. Good luck to you all with your businesses and check back with us in the future.

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