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  • Cat Sitting | Who Is Really Running the Show?

    Posted July 7, 2010 By in Pet Owners With | 1 Comment

    EquilibrismCat sitting is a tricky business.  I’ve been on plenty of cat sitting jobs where the beautiful kitten seems to have been anticipating my arrival and follows my every step around the house.

    I’ve also had plenty of cat sitting visits where we seemed to be playing hide and go seek the entire time.  And guess which one of us is always winning.

    One question I’m sure to ask owners before starting a job is, “Where are the cats favorite hiding places?”

    Funny enough, the cats usually are in on the conversation and avoid those listed places when the owner heads out of town.

    I’ve spent many hours waiting on couches, searching closets, looking under beds (for the fifth time, because just maybe she ran from her initial hiding space and is now somewhere else…).

    Nope.  All I can do is sit and wait and call her name in different voices, in different tones, using different variations of her name.  And look in her favorite hiding places just once more.

    Look Me In The Eye

    When on any cat sitting job, it’s extremely important to have eyes on the kitty at least once during that visit.

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable popping in, changing the water and litter box, filling the food and going on my merry way without knowing the cat is fine and dandy.

    The Cat’s Castle

    Cats are most comfortable in their own home.  The last thing on any cat’s daily agenda is to cooperate by getting in a travel kennel.

    Cats simply don’t enjoy traveling – unless, of course, it’s on their terms and it includes heading outside into the free world to explore.

    Growing up, I had the sweetest black and white cat named Bunsen.

    Whenever Bunsen needed to get to the vet, it would be an all day event of “who can outsmart who?!”

    I needed Bunsen in the travel kennel.  And Bunsen simply disagreed.

    Have you ever tried to force two opposing magnets together and watch them repel each other?

    Well, that was exactly the game Bunsen enjoyed playing the most.

    The next time you need to travel, consider cat sitting done right by hiring an Association of Pet Sitting Excellence member.

    And please share your best cat sitting tips and tricks when caring for the cutest, cuddliest, kitten you can imagine.

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Comments (1)

Julie Fredrick » 07. Jul, 2010

LOL…yes, cats are cats and cat sitting brings its own challenging. Most cats are definitely best left in their own home for a pet sitter to care for while going on vacation.

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