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  • Steal my 2-minute method to grow your pet sitting business using the SHARE button on Youtube

    Posted December 17, 2010 By in Pet Sitters With | 2 Comments

    Did you know it’s now easier than ever to gain new pet sitting clients by using a new feature Youtube just released?

    And this has nothing to do with creating video (although that’s certainly powerful) but rather it’s all about sharing video.

    You’ll accomplish plenty by sharing relevant and appropriate video content that others produce in two distinct ways: Read More …

  • Your Pet Sitting Website Design and Layout is More Important Than Ever Now [Video]

    Posted November 12, 2010 By in Pet Sitters, SEO and Marketing With | 19 Comments

    pet sitter website designDid you know that Google recently made a few big changes to the way they present their search results?

    It’s so important to understand that as pet sitters we are in the local service industry and lucky for us, Google is now placing a lot of emphasis on local search.

    What exactly does this mean for you?

    Well, for one, you’ll want to make sure your Google Places listing (aka Google Local/Maps…) is up to speed.

    As you watch the video below, you’ll also see the importance of continuing to solicit online reviews from your happy clients.

    Send them Read More …

  • Why You’re Not Scoring New Pet Sitting Clients

    Posted October 8, 2010 By in Pet Sitters, SEO and Marketing With | 15 Comments

    What’s the one thing you want more than anything else from your pet sitting business day in and day out?

    More pet sitting clients, right?

    Truth be told, everything we do as pet sitting business owners revolves around cracking that mysterious puzzle of finding new clients. (Without clients we have no business.)

    I think I found the solution!

    Listen to my short (23 minutes) interview with Maribeth Kuzmeski, the founder of Red Zone Marketing in the Chicago area.

    The One Thing You Must Get Done

    Maribeth KuzmeskiMaribeth is one of the presenters at our upcoming virtual conference and, inside this interview, she spells out in detail how to find and craft your unique marketing message that WILL get clients talking about you.

    This interview will get your head spinning with a ton of ideas on how to specifically grow your business with your own personal message.

    I challenge you to try it and see for yourself!

    Oh, I’m also giving away a free copy of Maribeth’s book, “…And the Clients Went Wild!” to a lucky listener.

    All you need to do is listen to the interview, and leave a comment answering the question below.

    Listen to Maribeth Now

  • Thank You Pet Sitters for Your Support [video]

    Posted September 25, 2010 By in APSE News and Events, Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    Hello Pet Sitters!

    Since announcing our decision to ask Paul Mann to withdraw from presenting at our upcoming virtual conference, we’ve received a ton of encouraging support from the pet sitting community.

    We truly hope to continue to work together with both members and non-members and to remain a positive influence on the industry.

    APSE is still in its early stages and we look forward to the years ahead.

    This video is our official note of thanks on the matter, along with a small gesture of good will.

    Read More …

  • Find Local Pet Sitting Clients with Laura Roeder [Webinar]

    Posted August 27, 2010 By in APSE News and Events, Pet Sitters, SEO and Marketing With | No Comments

    Here is the replay of the webinar titled: How to Find LOCAL Clients through Social Media without Spending Your Life on Twitter!

    It was created exclusively for the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence and is presented by social media rockstar Laura Roeder.

    See What Laura Has To Say!

  • Pet Sitting Business Supplies – What Do Pet Sitters Carry In Their Car?

    Posted July 23, 2010 By in Pet Owners, Pet Sitters With | 1 Comment

    Pet sitters need to be prepared when they get in the car and head out for a day of visits and dog walking.

    For most pet sitters their car is their mobile headquarters and office. So what do most pet sitters carry in their vehicle?

    Here is a list of essential pet sitting business supplies:

    Read More …

  • 9 SEO Tools Every Pet Sitter Must Use

    Posted July 22, 2010 By in Pet Sitters With | 2 Comments

    When it comes to marketing your pet sitting business, one of the best ways to approach the subject is by focusing on your pet sitting website.

    I’m sure you know by now that I am all about using your website as the core of your marketing strategy.

    I’ve been able to build a successful website that generates 99% of our business and I understand a lot of this can be confusing, stressful and frustrating.

    One of our goals at APSE is to help as many of our members succeed by simply improving their websites.

    And I’m thrilled to read all the success stories so far. On that note, I present 9 free online tools you can use right now to help with your website SEO and marketing efforts.

    Take some time to explore and understand the various tools. Each will help a separate important factor in your hunt for search engine domination!
    Read More …

  • Pet Sitting Report Card – Everything You Need To Know

    Posted July 19, 2010 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    What is a pet sitting report card?

    79 - Here comes troubleA pet sitting report card can take many forms but is essentially a tool that a pet sitter uses to communicate to the pet owner exactly what happened at the pet sitting visit.

    The report card is generally a hand written message left for the client at the end of the visit but these days may also take the form of a text message, an email, a blog post, or a text message that includes a photo of the pets.

    It’s very important to use some type of pet sitting report card for your clients because it confirms for the client that you were at their home when you said that you would be and did what you agreed to do.

    One of the most common client complaints is that the pet sitter either did not spend enough time visiting the pet, or did not arrive at all for the visit. If there is physical evidence in the form of a note in their home from you their sitter that documents that you were there and what you did while you were there, this will immediately dispel these fears and make them more comfortable using your service.
    Read More …

  • What Pet Sitters Can Learn From Google

    Posted July 18, 2010 By in Pet Sitters With | 1 Comment

    Google Classic: Please Allow 30 Days for your Search ResultsGoogle recently came out with a video called “Meet the Doodlers.”

    If you don’t yet know, the Google Doodle refers to periodic variations on the Google logo that, as they put it, makes searching on Google more fun and enjoyable for its users.

    Wow, right?

    It’s just a web search, yet the search giant considers ways to make it more fun and enjoyable for us!

    Understand what’s going on here: It’s no accident that Google is miles ahead of its competition. This isn’t to suggest the their doodle approach alone is the reason for that but it’s certainly part of their attitude and worldwide appeal.
    Read More …

  • How to Market Your Pet Sitting Business with Video

    Posted July 15, 2010 By in Pet Sitters, SEO and Marketing With | 3 Comments

    MY OSCAR!Online video is a hot topic!

    You Tube viewers are now watching 100 million videos per day and research has proven that your potential clients are more than twice as likely to watch a video that tells them about your services than read the text on your website.

    Are you creating video content that captures the attention of this audience?

    There are many topics for which you can create simple videos that can be used to market your pet sitting business online. Here are a few ideas:
    Read More …

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