• How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business [The Official APSE Book]

    APSE book coverThis is Day 1 out of our 5-Day Series.

    Whether you are starting a new pet sitting business or are ready to take your existing pet sitting business to a higher level of success, this book will show you a simple step-by-step process to set up your business correctly.

    You will discover how to get on the fast track to attracting new clients, exceeding their pet care expectations, and making an impact on the quality of life of pets in your community.

    Learn how to grow a pet sitting business that provides superior pet care, runs effortlessly, and creates clients that become your raving fans.

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    In this 95-page digital book Danielle hands you everything you need to:

    • Define and find your ideal pet sitting clients
    • Make your business stand above the rest by building a strong pet sitting brand
    • Create your own marketing toolkit
    • Use 8 low cost marketing methods to attract a consistent stream of ideal clients
    • Create your own marketing system that takes the stress out of promoting your business
    • Build your own operational systems that maximize efficiency, guarantee that you and your staff provide consistent excellent pet care, and ensure that you follow up with clients to build long term relationships
    • Document operational systems so you can use them to see opportunities to improve the way you do things and easily train new staff
    • Find, screen, and hire new staff members that support your business growth
    • Reward your staff and encourage them to continually market and improve your pet sitting business

    Avoid dangerous mistakes which can cost you time, money, and enthusiasm, and find an easier path to pet sitting business success!

    See why Dr. Kim Bloomer, Veterinary Naturopath, says, “If you truly want to not only succeed but to excel in this line of work, then ‘How To Create Excellence…’ is not optional – get it, read it, and then apply what you learn! Your clients and the pets they love will benefit greatly by the knowledge you gain.”

    If you’d like to purchase the paperback version of this book, please visit Amazon.com.

    If you got here from a link shared by a friend, why not check out the whole series? It’s free, and it’s for pet sitters who want to use the web to promote their services and get ahead.

    Sign up for all 5 days (it’s free) here. Then decide for yourself where to invest your hard-earned money. We’ll start you off right the beginning (Day 1) and you’ll be underway.

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La Rue Boyd » 18. Jan, 2012

I think the book is wonderful and well written. I likw what I have read so far. I look forward to how it can help me to soar with my pet service.

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