• Website SEO – The Very Latest Tips for Getting Found in the Search Engines!

    This is Day 2 out of our 5-Day Series.

    Inside this (almost) hour-long Webinar on getting your pet sitting business website found in the search engines more often, you’ll discover:

    • Why SEO is so important to Google in the first place
    • The 4 actions your visitors must do once on your website
    • Why landing at the top of Google is not all it’s cracked up to be
    • 6 SEO practices that are still relevant today
    • …and many more practical tips to improve your rankings

    If you got here from a link shared by a friend, why not check out the whole series? It’s free, and it’s for pet sitters who want to use the web to promote their services and get ahead.

    Sign up for all 5 days (it’s free) here. Then decide for yourself where to invest your hard-earned money. We’ll start you off right the beginning (Day 1) and you’ll be underway.

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Comments (3)

Terri Graham » 15. Jan, 2012

I thought this was an hour long webinar. it stopped before I received any pertinent info on getting SEO. :(

Joshua » 15. Jan, 2012

Hi Terri,

Sorry to hear about that. It sounds like a technical glitch. The video is every bit an hour long and is chock full of SEO info!

Can you please refresh the page and try to view again?


Carolyn » 15. Jan, 2012

Great information certainly clarified much of the setting up of a website. I now understand why many people, including myself, want someone to set one up ! On the other hand, I would certainly like to understand and do more with mine now. I have plenty of idea but quite honestly I would prefer to spend my time with my pet clients! Many thanks for making this available.

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