• Thom Somes, The Pet Safety Guy, Talks Motivation and New Month’s Resolutions

    This is Day 3 out of our 5-Day Series.

    During this 54-minute discussion, Thom reveals for the first time his thoughts on motivation, inspiration and business.

    • Discover the 1 question that changed the course of Thom’s life forever
    • How to tap into and apply the powerful need to direct our own lives
    • Why New Year’s resolutions do not work and how to re-think your 2012
    • How his ‘Wheel of Life’ exercise will change your life, too!
    • Use the unique APSE promo code when downloading Thom’s PetTech PetSave App for an extra special free gift

    If you got here from a link shared by a friend, why not check out the whole series? It’s free, and it’s for pet sitters who want to use the web to promote their services and get ahead.

    Sign up for all 5 days (it’s free) here. Then decide for yourself where to invest your hard-earned money. We’ll start you off right the beginning (Day 1) and you’ll be underway.

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