• Watch This Member Website Review as Joshua Offers Specific Suggestions

    This is Day 5 out of our 5-Day Series.

    As part of the APSE Premium and Platinum membership levels, members are offered this unique and beneficial Website Review.

    During this 20+ minute pet sitting website review (used with permission), Joshua Cary dissects every part of every page on your site to offer advice, make suggestions and increase the user experience.

    By giving your users exactly what they are looking for, you not only wind up making Google happy, you will delight each and every visitor, which greatly increases the chances of gaining a new client.

    Focusing on ‘conversion,’ you will do everything possible to make sure more of your website visitors take action by getting in touch with you. These small changes will make a world of difference.

    If you got here from a link shared by a friend, why not check out the whole series? It’s free, and it’s for pet sitters who want to use the web to promote their services and get ahead.

    Sign up for all 5 days (it’s free) here. Then decide for yourself where to invest your hard-earned money. We’ll start you off right the beginning (Day 1) and you’ll be underway.

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Comments (7)

John » 14. Jan, 2012

Great series so far! Thank you!

Joshua » 14. Jan, 2012

You are very welcome, John! Thanks for going through it with us, and happy to hear you are enjoying it.

Wait until you see our bonus email tomorrow – you’ll want to clear your calendar for one day in the near future :)

Dawn Higgins » 15. Jan, 2012

Thank you so much!!!! This is excellent. I am at a total loss when it comes to SEO and how all of this works. My site is a work in progress and I now see how much work it needs! I so appreciate all of your knowledge and the fact that you share it with us.

Thanks again!

Joshua » 15. Jan, 2012

My pleasure, Dawn. I gotta admit that when I first started doing these website reviews for pet sitters, I didn’t think that other sitters would find value in them because it’s not their site.

But I quickly learned that there is so much overlap that one thing I suggest for someone’s site could be easily be applied to other pet sitter sites.

PS – You Husky-mix Misty is adorable and beautiful looking!

Dawn Higgins » 15. Jan, 2012

Yes, I appreciate all your help. I can’t imagine anyone not feeling that way!
I’ve been working on my website for almost 4 hours now. All this hard work
will pay off, I just know it!

Thanks, I love Misty too. She’s a great girl!

Lois Urkowitz » 15. Jan, 2012

I absolutely loved Day 5 and am very appreciative that Josh’s review was conducted in an easily understandable way. I have already begun to reassess my current w ebsitecas well as my new one which is live but still in development. Thank you APSE for the ta!

Joshua » 15. Jan, 2012

Thanks a lot, Lois. I imagine I’ll be compiling all of the website reviews I’ve done (with the site owner’s permission) and place them inside APSE down the road.

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