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  • House Pet Sitter | The Importance of a Skilled Professional Pet Sitter

    Posted July 12, 2010 By in Pet Owners With | 1 Comment

    I Choose YellowMost pet owners can attest to the fact that a professional pet sitter is much more than someone who pops over every now and again to let Sparky out the back door, or change Fluffy’s water.

    Look beyond the responsibility to the pet and you see the great need for a competent house pet sitter.

    A pet sitter’s responsibility is vast.  She is hired to not only look after your furry loved ones, but is also responsible for keeping your house, property and belongings safe, secure and in tact.

    Many pet owners might overlook the house pet sitter aspect and only hire someone to stop over and tend to the animal’s well being.

    While this is surely a top priority and responsibility, a house pet sitter will be trained and knowledgeable on all things house related.

    13 Tips from a House Pet Sitter

    Katherine McCarter of No Worries 4 Pets in Bellevue, Washington, provides these 13 points of how she approaches the job:

    Question: How do you provide the best experience possible when it comes to keeping a client’s house safe?

    1: Keeping their keys secured with no identifying markings.

    2: Being CERTAIN the doors, windows and gates are properly locked and alarms are set

    3: Make the house look occupied (switch/adjust the lights, window coverings, picking up mail and newspapers).

    4: Keep the temperature stable during weather extremes.

    5: Taking care of garbage so no stinky odors.

    6: Stay out of their stuff!! No snooping or using their computer or electronics! That includes the TV- except for overnights, with permission and a 200 page instruction manual (just kidding).

    7: Pay attention! I am very aware of how I left things, so if something is out of place when I come back I know it, and will track down the “culprit”. I also notice the cars parked/driving by in the area and any anything unusual.

    8: Keep my mouth shut about my reason for being there if I meet people while out walking the dog or something. I never talk about the fact that the owners are gone, or when they’ll be back, etc.

    9: I try to vary my visit schedule slightly so that the pets get the care they need, but my comings and goings are somewhat of a mystery to anyone who may be checking out the house.

    10: If there’s a power outage I re-set the clocks and appliances.

    11: t’s never happened yet, but if there’s any indication of a water or gas leak I would definitely take care of that, according to pre-arranged instructions.

    12: I avoid using the “facilities” unless it’s an overnighter, and I only run the washer, dryer or dishwasher if I’ve been asked to do so, and only when I’m present to make sure nothing overflows or anything.

    13: And last but not least, taking care to prevent any pet messes, and cleaning up if they do happen. There are so many details to be aware of!

    Let’s Hear from More Pet Sitters on the Topic of House Pet Sitter

    Pamela Ranheim

    Make sure newspapers are brought in everyday. Rotate lights that are left on in house. I usually bring timers so they go off around 11-12 at night. Rotate blinds/shades. Depending on the client, I may leave the radio or TV on for part of the day. I am sure to use water so the water meter changes.

    And On The Importance of Constant Supervision:

    Lynn Aubrey

    I have people ask for every other day visits for cats, and will not do this. I had a an experience once where I walked into a house at 6 am and there was pipe that burst and a foot of water over the house!If they didn’t have a pet sitter, their home would been completely destroyed from water damage, since they were not due back for a week. It had probably been 6 to 8 hours of water running as it was, but the damage could have been much more.

    Its so important that potential customers know that we do more than just look after their pets and the advantages to having us there on a daily basis.

    There You Have It

    Thank you to those pet sitters who have added their thoughts. If you are a pet sitter and have some tips you’d like to share, please comment below.

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Comments (1)

Jackie Bass » 18. Jul, 2010

Don’t forget being able to spot any potential health problems and know what to do in case of a pet emergency. Being first aid and CPR certified will teach you how to monitor a pet and know what to do in case an accident happens. I saved a bulldog who went into shock after eating a bee in the yard– he stopped breathing and his pulse nearly stopped– but I was able to resuscitate him with CPR, put karo syrup on his gums and keep him alive until we got to the veterinarian. He’s now happy and healthy and still mischievous.

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