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  • How Do Pet Sitters Respond To Service Requests?

    Posted July 6, 2015 By in Pet Sitters With | 1 Comment

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    As you know, there are many ways to respond to an incoming service request from a potential pet client.

    If a call comes in and a message is left, logically you would return the call.

    But how do you respond to an email or contact form request?

    Sometimes, the potential client will dictate how they prefer to receive a contact back, but in other cases, no preference will be provided.

    You are probably on the run most of the morning or afternoon and may not have time to pick up the phone to call back until later that evening.

    And we all know the quicker you make contact and “win” the client over, the quicker she will end her search and thank her lucky stars YOU are their perfect sitter.

    How Do You Return the Message

    Here is a recent message a member received:

    Need a pet sitter for both a dog and cat, please advise if you can assist. Answer my phone quicker than email so please call me.

    This is a pet parent who knows what she wants! Certainly a phone call is in order, but how do you make contact if nothing specific is given?

    Let us know, or JOIN US as our newest member to get your voice heard and get the daily inspiration you need!

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Comments (1)

Ivy Baker » 30. Mar, 2017

It does seem like a good idea to have a reliable way to contact a sitter. I know a lot of the time I forget about finding a sitter for my cat until the last minute. So, I would be a little upset if I was having a hard time contacting a professional pet sitter.

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