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  • How Not To Become The Next Yahoo!

    Posted March 24, 2011 By in Pet Sitters, SEO and Marketing With | 2 Comments

    chess gameWho knew there was so much to be learned from Yahoo’s struggling past?

    I just came across an article that lists 3 reasons why Yahoo is loosing the search game, and couldn’t help but see a similar lesson for pet sitters.

    Whether you have plenty of clients, some clients, or no clients, you must constantly find ways to remain visible and ‘in the game.’

    There are so many competing messages, services and options thrown at your potential clients that it helps to find ways to get your target market to take notice (possible, but not an easy task).

    Here Is What Yahoo’s Been Doing

    Danny Wong of Blank Label cited 3 things causing Yahoo to lose steam.

    See if you can’t apply the same principals to your pet sitting business.

    1. It’s becoming less innovative in the search game.

    Are you remaining innovative in your pet sitting business?  Our very own Paul Franklin recently published an article on that very topic.

    While the word may sound intimidating to some, Innovation can come in many shapes and sizes.

    2. It’s becoming less prominent a company.

    No one thinks about Yahoo much anymore because Yahoo’s not doing much of anything that’s interesting, or applicable to our everyday lives.

    Prominent is define as ‘outstanding: having a quality that thrusts itself into attention.’

    What are you doing every day (either online or in person) to remain prominent?  To make yourself outstanding?

    3. As a media company, they’re not doing anything special.

    See a running theme here?

    We are exposed to SO much information on the web, on TV, in magazines, on billboards, in our mailbox… that our brains can only respond to the messages that hit us over the head.

    And that doesn’t necessarily mean the biggest or loudest voice, but it does mean the voice (message) that speaks directly to your audience.

    The message that gets her to stop in her tracks and thank her lucky stars that she may have just found exactly what she’s been looking for.

    A message that speaks her language and is the exact solution to her problem.

    Problem = Potential client desperately needs a reliable, trustworthy and loving person to care for her pet.

    Solution = Your awesome, amazing pet sitting business.

    Action Plan

    This is not about making your website look prettier, or better, or different.

    This is simply about making sure your website (and all your communication outlets) speaks to your market.

    It’s about being innovative, prominent, and doing something special.

    So, what can you do to get noticed by your potential clients?  What is special about you that your audience should know?

    Start with this…

    Ask your best clients (not friends, not family) what it is they like most about you and your business?  Ask them why they choose to stay with you?

    And while you’re at it, ask them if there is anything you can change, adjust or improve on to make their lives easier. (That last part is key!)

    It is not easy in the least to snap your fingers and ‘be innovative.’  This entire business is an ongoing process.

    Take things step by step with a short term and long term goal in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to the best pet sitting business in town.

    Comment Below: Why do your clients stick with you?  What do you currently bring to the table? (These answers should represent what your clients say about you.)

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Comments (2)

Bella » 26. Mar, 2011

Josh, you stuck the nail on the head yet again! Great job and great value.

It is like the age old saying, “you gotta change the position of your sales” the wind is always blowing and the direction changes. Business owners need to keep up with their brand, with their message, with their value propositions. They need to stay relevant.

I started the Yappy Hours in my area. Now everyone is doing them. I just did a
“mutt madness” and have done “bow wow breakfasts” But others caught on and we weren’t as new anymore.

Today, I did a soft announcement on having “pups on the patio” outside a local bistro and grocery store where already the human to dog ratio is 2:1. Unlike my other HUGE events attracting upwards of 100 people and the press..this event will be more intimate where I can actually get to sit and chat with patrons and keep building the relationships! :) How cool, huh?

You gotta keep being innovative if you want to grow. If you are happy where you are at, then keep doing it. That’s the beauty, IF you want to grow… you gotta get out there and always be adapting!

Joshua » 26. Mar, 2011

Appreciate the feedback, Bella! And I love the real examples of how you adapt and adjust to your business environment.

From yappy to mutt to bow wow to patio.

What do you make of the word ‘innovative?’ Do you feel anyone can be innovative? Is it a skill? Can it be learned? If so, how would one begin?

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