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    Here Is How APSE Will Help You

    pet sitter forms

    Pet Sitting Forms Library

    We have all the pet sitting forms you need to start or grow your business – simply customize with your logo and you’re set! Includes marketing plan and business plan templates with easy instructions.

    Q: “What do you like most about APSE?”

    Our Members Respond…

    A: The expert advice! Like-minded, supportive pet sitting professionals. —Julie Frederick, The Pet Sitter of Boise

    A: It is a supportive environment of business owners. Beyond the Pet Sitting 101… for those looking to grow or are growing their businesses. —Vanessa Ó B, Gold Coast Pet Sitting

    A: Many APSE members have several years of experience. They provide valuable information not just on pet care but building your business, marketing and social networking. The level of professionalism is different than you’ll find with other pet sitting forums and groups. —Sandra Lindstedt, The Pet Nanny of Trinity

    A: I like the pet sitting specific marketing ideas. Plus, I love the whole concept of Pet Sitting Excellence – working to build the best possible service I can for my clients. —Carrie Trimmer, Who Let The Dogs Out

    A: The forums are good and people are responsive and contribute – plus, I loved the Virtual Conference and having all of that content available to me afterwards. —Jane Hinchey, Adelaide Pet Sitters

    A: The feeling I am not alone. They listen to what their members are saying and act upon making the organization better. —Stefanie Domsky, Starlets of Pawsperity

    A: The frequent videos and interaction with the members makes it more personal and current. The pet sitter search is helpful and an extra way for us to advertise. And the library of forms and accreditation program to help us run our business. —Christina Walker, Top Dog Pet Sitter

    A: That it’s a friendly community that shares information on the pet sitting industry. It’s easily accessible to all and doesn’t just focus on the U.S. – International pet sitters are welcomed into the community wholeheartedly. Virtual Conference was fantastic, gained lots of information from these seminars. APSE engages well with the community and updates sent are relevant and informative. —Vivienne Moir, Capital Cats and Canines

    A: All the solid information such as SEO, websites, and Google. And, the wonderful monthly “seminars”. They always seem to be a cut above what the other companies are offering. —Jan Brown, Jan’s Pet Sitting

    A: The education that is offered – the webinar was great – APSE offers real information that is relevant to day-to-day running of a pet sitting business. —Karen Brooks, Karen’s Canine Care

    A: The professionalism of the group was what brought me in. Even after 30 years of professionally being in the business, there is still plenty to learn. A very skilled and knowledgeable group that I am proud to be part of. —Sharon Denison, All The Comforts of Home Pet Sitting and Services

    content library

    150+ Content Library Articles

    Our huge library contains all the forms, reports & ebooks you’ll ever need to succeed, which means you’ll have immediate access to an ever-growing library of education anytime you need it.

    pet sitter insurance

    Pet Sitter Insurance

    Forget what you think you know about pet sitting insurance! We have partnered with Mourer-Foster’s Kennel Pro insurance as our provider of choice, allowing you incredible coverage & great savings.

    pet sitter forums

    Members Community Forum

    Our members, advisors and experts spend a great deal of time on the boards every day freely providing valuable information, networking together and solving pet sitter problems.

    pet sitter locator

    Pet Sitter Locator

    We’ve worked hard to make sure that Google loves our sitter listings which means you’ll get noticed more often. Innovative features include a location map, user reviews and social sharing ability.

    apse pet sitting book

    The APSE Book

    Receive a digital copy (96 pages) of the pet sitting book ‘How To Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business‘ written by APSE co-founder, Danielle Chonody.

    pet sitter resources

    Resource Rolodex

    Personal recommendations of our favorite online tools and business services. Now you don’t have to spend valuable time searching the net for what you need — use what works!

    certified pet sitter

    The APSE Member Seal

    Displaying the APSE logo on your marketing materials and website will quickly send a message to your clients that  you are committed to running a professional pet sitting business.

    APSE partners

    Partner Discounts

    Generous discounts on education, business tools, and business services thanks to our partners allow you to save big on the products and services you need most.

    member discounts

    Member Pricing for Events

    We strive hard to make sure your investment with us pays off many times over. Our members are always first in line to help shape each event, receive notice, and grab our deep discounts.


    Teleseminars/ Webinars

    At least once per month, we invite members to participate in our free calls & webinars. Whether from an industry pro or outside expert, each training session is designed with your success in mind.

    pet sitter website school

    Pet Sitter Website SchoolTM

    This 12-Part video tutorial shows you EXACTLY what’s been proven to work with step-by-step instructions so you can use your current pet sitting website to win more clients.

    virtual conference

    Virtual Conference Webinars

    Gain immediate access to all 22 recordings from our past Virtual Conference. Watch anytime day or night and on your schedule. Follow up with any speaker to learn more or to clarify a thought.

    website review

    Full Website Review

    A complete review and analysis of your website to discover how you can grow your business with small changes. This truly unique approach is delivered privately as a movie screencast.

    live coaching

    One-on-One Coaching

    Talk to us directly on the phone for a complimentary 30 minutes to discuss your biggest business challenges, questions or goals. Get personal advice tailored to your needs right now.

    publicity interview

    Publicity Audio Interview

    Ever want to be interviewed for your business? We work together to create questions, then record a phone interview that you can use on your website as a marketing & publicity tool to attract more clients.

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    The APSE Member Seal check check check
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    Pet Sitter Website SchoolTM check check check
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    Annual Fee (US Dollar) $139 $179 $219
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