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  • At the APSE we recommend Leashtime & Pet Sit Connect pet sitting software to our APSE members. We have partnered with Leashtime & Pet Sit Connect to bring our APSE members exclusive pricing and service.

    Leashtime Software

    Leashtime software offers the following features:

    • One click scheduling
    • Automatic recurring schedules
    • Customizable client confirmation emails
    • Customized client logon screen to match your pet sitting website design
    • Key management system
    • Smart phone pet sitter application to log visits and check client info on the go
    • Smart phone GPS tracking feature
    • Credit card processing (E-check processing coming soon)
    • Flexible invoicing and accounting reports
    • Friendly and responsive customer service

    Leashtime offer special pricing exclusively available for APSE members:

    • 1 to 5 sitters will pay $7 per sitter per month
    • 6 to 10 sitters will pay $69.95 per month
    • 11 to 20 sitters will pay $129.95 per month
    • 21+ sitters will pay $169.95 per month

    The usual $100 setup fee is waived for APSE members.

    Free 30 day trial (which can be extended if you need more time). Each month you only pay for the number of sitters that you have used – or that have completed client visits.

    Contact Ted Hooban at Leashtime to set up a demo of Leashtime and your free trial account:

    Phone: 703-996-3084.
    Visit us at http://www.leashtime.com or you can email jody@leashtime.com or ted@leashtime.com

    Pet Sit Connect Software

    Premium Pet Sitting Business Management and Scheduling Software

    APSE Members Exclusive Benefits:

    60 days trial period – (no credit card required to sign up trial)
    Transfer your existing client list at no charge

    Flexible pricing based on volume
    $19.99 – $49.99 per month

    • Schedule visits online
    • Process payments
    • Accept credit cards
    • Email confirmations
    • Confirm first visits
    • Track completion of visits
    • Link timesheets to completed visits
    • Manage customer information
    • Streamline new client signup
    • Organize new hires
    • Customize your own reporting
    • Instantly map clients and sitters
    • And much more…

    See more screenshots of the Pet Sit Connect software here

    Contact Olga Wharton at Pet Sit Connect to set up demo and  free trial

    Emai Olga at info@petsitconnect.com or visit Pet Sit Connect Software support

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    Here is what our APSE members say about Leashtime:

    “WOW. I am blown away. Every question I had about “yeah, but I don’t do it like that, can you do this?” was a YES. And then some. Definitely check them out. I have been so frustrated with the severe lack of any decent programs out there for pet sitters. I’m tired of my schedules looking like a crappy excel spreadsheet. I’m tired of clients knowing how much they’ve paid all year for my service. This is really a breathe of fresh air. Go Ted!” – Neil, Romp Pet Care

    Leashtime has a feature where the sitter marks a sit complete from there smartphone, and it logs their GPS coordinates. I think that’s invaluable – Miranda, My Pets Buddy

    “Ted & Matt are awesome. I have been live with LeashTime since July 2010 and I like their software over all others that I have tried. The GPS tracking helped me a lot when a client with a surveillance system on their house said she did not see me come on one of my Bed time visits. Boy was she surprised when I was able to pull up the GPS tracking w/ time stamp off of leash time to prove I was there – Jason, 203Pet

    “I have been trialling LeashTime and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My manager loves it even more, she says it is far more intuitive and easier to use than the software we used to use.

    My fav features:
    – easy scheduling, easy re-assignment of jobs too
    – can log emails to/from client in the system, as well as log phone call notes
    – GPS tracking of sitters!
    – can set up reminders to follow up with clients / prospects
    – soon they will have e-check on file capability (all the advantages of cc on file but without the fees!)
    – can create routes with directions for sitters
    – the whole key management system! I already barcoded all my keys

    Jackie – Malibu Pet Care

    “I had my demo session with Ted on Tuesday and have been playing around with it since then. Count me in on the LOVE IT category! My main draw initially was the iPhone functionality, but after spending about an hour and a half on the phone with Ted (he is very proud of his program, and should be!), I realized there was so much more to this program.

    I haven’t demoed the other programs out there in a couple of years, but I did go back to the websites for a quick comparison. I also have read through others’ reviews of the other major programs and I’m pretty much sold on LeashTime. Ted is very accessible and, in my mind, forward thinking considering his development of an iPhone and Android app. I’m just guessing, but I think he would be seriously open to any suggestions from his customers to improve the program.” -Kim Purss and Woofs

    “I’ve been playing around with LeashTime since and it is FABULOUS!!!

    Enter LeashTime! Full capabilities and customization with more coming all the time. Their program really takes it to the next generation in term of technology and their customer service is VERY responsive. I can’t believe they’ve let me demo it this long and I’ve had several phone conversations and email exchanges with Ted. Many hours of support, and I’m not even a paying customer yet!

    It has a full menu of reports. There as so many functions to this thing it’s crazy. I do love the key management, if you have a lot of sitters you can even get a barcode reader for them to check keys in and out with. I also love the new client flags function. Things like special instructions, meds, flight risk, favorite client-really anything you want- can be designated as a icon that will show up on the client’s profile as a quick visual reminder. You can choose to have the flags show on the client’s visit sheet or not. There are several automated templates already set up for easy emailing, and you can set up your own as well. The reminders function is awesome, something I have really needed. I’ve looked and looked but haven’t been able to find anything that would integrate well with my existing systems. This does what I need!” Katherine Carter – No Worries 4 Pets

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