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  • Pinterest: What Pet Professionals Need To Know

    Posted March 6, 2012 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    Though Pinterest launched over 2 years ago, it has grown faster than any other site in the U.S., reaching nearly 10 million unique hits per month. This is yet another social media app where people share things they like… but it IS much different.  How is it so addictive? Why are user sessions longer than on youtube? It is an extreme in visual enjoyment.

    So does it have use for your pet sitting business?  It might. As usual, a new method of marketing can be useful depending on the time you have to put into it. Keeping that in mind, sitters do spend their days with a dream that so many others have: ‘Playing with dogs all day.’ Perhaps you can let them escape to a fun-filled life while at work… through you.

    Unlike Facebook or Linkedin, your posts are seen by anyone looking for something under a specific pinboard. For example, if you created a ‘board’ called ‘cute dogs’ and began posting pictures of cute dogs, anyone could repost those pictures.

    The focus comes in with creating useful pinboard names with pictures / articles people want to reshare. For example, you could put the name of your business… or ‘Cute Dogs in (enter town here).’ Be creative. With so many people now on Pinterest, it is worth it to see if it would work for you.

    Here are some statistics of pinterest. Review them and see if it fits the current demographics of your clients.

    • About 50% of Pinterest users have children.
    • 28.1% of users make over $100,000 per year.
    • 68% of users are female
    • Average session time for users: Twitter = 3.5 minutes, Facebook = 12.1 minutes, Youtube = 16.4 minutes, Pinterest = 15.8 minutes.
    • 1.36 million users per day
    • Between July and December 2011, retailer traffic grew 289%
    • Pinterest receives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube combined. (More people get to a post on Pinterest than from a referral to the others combined.) People are sharing!
    • 27.4% of users are between 24 – 35.

    (Source Modea –  http://www.modea.com/)

    In sum, the typical Pinterest user seems to be young, upper-middle class, and female.  It just so happens that this demographic is pretty similar to those who also have a passion for dogs.

    Do you use Pinterest?

  • Pet Holidays Wallpaper

    Posted February 26, 2012 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    Awww — How nice! Someone made a computer desktop wallpaper for APSE with ‘pet holiday’ reminders on them. That was so nice, we’re putting them all here so you can download them and use them for your computer screens.  Read More …

  • 6 Tips For Customer Retention

    Posted February 19, 2012 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    This month APSE has focused on client retention and customer satisfaction. We had the Director of Operations at Zappos come and chat with us about creating a culture client’s love. So far we have had tips to satisfy clients, updates to our media library, forms for pet sitters, and marketing reports all based on improving client retention.

    The basic idea of client retention is to be there for them; be empathetic and do whatever you can for them. People have a general need to feel connected and acknowledged. So many business owners tend to focus on getting new clients rather than improving relationships with current clients. It is easier and more cost effective to focus on current clients than on getting new clients.

    Here are some specific things you can do to improve customer satisfaction: Read More …

  • Pet Holidays – A Great Way For Client Involvement

    Posted February 13, 2012 By in Marketing, Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    Mark these on your calendar! Let client’s know how ‘in the know’ you are by supplying them with this list of pet-centric holidays throughout the year. These are all holidays created by different organizations in order to raise awareness. By posting them on your Facebook wall, announcing them to workers, or creating a celebration around a certain day you help your business in multiple ways: It creates a fun environment (Squirrel Appreciation Day), it shows your company has compassion for certain causes (Pet Theft Awareness Day), and it gives you some great things to blog / share with your clients.

    We scoured the internet to find these, so Read More …

  • 6 Steps for Super Satisfied Clients

    Posted February 11, 2012 By in Marketing, Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    Hopefully as a business owner you have heard you should learn about your clients. You have probably also heard you need to focus on your demographics and learn whattype of clients would work well with your business. The downside to this is that sometimes we forget our clients are really people, too. With almost all people, communication and open mindedness is almost always the key to success. (Hear what members had to say and how other sitters keep client’s happy.)

    1. Give customers more than they expect

    Whether from promises you place on your website or from what others do in your area, know what your customers expect from you and then do more. For example: Read More …

  • This Promotion Helps Your Business And Saves Dogs

    Posted January 18, 2012 By in APSE News and Events With | No Comments

    We here at APSE are pretty excited about our January promotion. I’ll be blunt. Like any association, we always want to increase membership. Ultimately, we’re in the business of helping businesses improve. The more people we reach, the better we can help the community. We want to reach as many businesses as we possibly can to help them improve their business. We realize the business world is constantly evolving, so we must be even more Read More …

  • Business Plans: You Gotta Be A Little NUTS To Fly Without A Place To Land

    Posted January 2, 2012 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    To fly without a place to land… or drive to an unknown destination without a map just sounds crazy, doesn’t it? In the age of GPS, it’s so easy to pick a location and go. Would you drive to a new client’s house without an address?

    The 2011 APSE Pet Sitter Industry Survey showed that only about 50% of people have a written plan of where they want their business to go. However, almost everyone had Read More …

  • Happy Holidays To All The Loving and Caring Pet Sitters!

    Posted December 21, 2011 By in APSE News and Events, Pet Sitters With | 13 Comments

    To the entire pet sitting industry:

    It remains our absolute pleasure providing you with the tools, education and resources needed to grow your pet sitting business.

    Whether you are just starting out, or just starting to grow, we will continue to be there for you.

    We are excited to celebrate in your continued success in the coming year!
    Read More …

  • The Unofficial APSE Las Vegas Meet-Up

    Posted December 14, 2011 By in APSE News and Events, Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    las vegas signYou know the amazing company Zappos, right?

    Well, last month, one of our APSE members started a conversation about the Zappos Insights Tour in Las Vegas she recently attended.

    She gave it rave reviews and from that moment a buzz began by other members in our forums.

    Plans made on this discussion thread by a couple of members for a weekend Vegas getaway quickly transformed into the scheduling of our first unofficial APSE meet-up.

    Mark Your Calendars

    On January 26-28, 2012 Joshua Cary, Paul Franklin and Danielle Chonody will all be in Vegas together to enjoy a weekend of fun with plenty of other APSE members who have decided to join us for the trip.

    (Some are arriving as early as Tuesday, January 24, 2012 and others leaving Sunday, January 29, 2012.)

    We want to keep the meet-up casual and spontaneous. Our only scheduled activities are:

    • Zappos Insights Tour -Thursday January 26, 2012 at 3pm
    • Group dinner following the tour

    The rest of the weekend will be relaxed fun activities enjoying the Vegas scene (food, shopping, nightlife, thrill rides, shows…)
    Read More …

  • A Pricing Model That Brings Success And Client Satisfaction

    Posted November 4, 2011 By in Pet Sitters, Uncategorized With | No Comments

    For a small to mid-size business, it can be difficult to figure out what to charge for a service. Large companies can run focus groups, quantitative research, or otherqualitative analysis of target populations to estimate product worth. This is usually unthinkable for small businesses.

    Where ever you are in your product pricing decisions, I hope you have researched competitors, looked into pricing structures, costs, and potential profits. Hopefully, you have estimated how many clients you need to have based on different pricing models and have budgeted accordingly. Mostly, I hope you have built a pricing structure and worked in what you thought was fair – not too much & not too little.

    So what pricing model is best? Here is where your pricing model might take you – Read More …

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