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  • Here’s Our Take on Pet Sitting Insurance

    At APSE, we want to recommend the best products to meet the needs of today’s pet sitters.

    We have chosen Mourer-Foster’s Kennel Pro insurance as our provider of choice for pet care provider insurance and bonding because their products offer:

    • High coverage limits
    • Comprehensive coverage that includes traditional in-home pet sitting and dog walking, transporting, and caring for pets in your own home (care, custody and control)
    • Coverage for your company’s staff (independent contractors or employees).
    • Great customer service and helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous staff
    • Competitive rates

    And you don’t have to be a member of any organization to purchase their policies!

    APSE’s co-founders Joshua Cary and Danielle Chonody both choose Mourer-Foster’s Kennel Pro coverage for their pet sitting businesses and so do many APSE members.

    Here is what our members say about Mourer-Foster:

    I just switched to Mourer-Foster. Reason being, their rates were better and I was able to also obtain non-owned auto coverage on my empoyees. It basically covers me if my employee has an accident and the damages exceed their personal auto liability.Jan Brown

    Mourer-Foster is a huge company. They do 5-7 pet sitting policies a day. They really know their stuff and their customer service is top notch. Today I sign sealed and delivered my policy with Mourer Foster and couldn’t be happier.Bella Vasta

    I stumbled on Mourer-Foster and they saved me $300. I have had nothing but great service from MF … plus they cover ALL my pet care services…not just pet sitting.”Dedi Wood

    Mourer -Foster is amazing!! They are the only insurance company recommended by DogTec which is a company I greatly respect so that was enough for me! After I attended the Dog Walking Academy in March, I finally decided I needed to find out about this amazing insurance company and I couldn’t be happier!Amanda Carlson

    Ready to Get Going? Or Have More Questions?

    Contact Mourer-Foster Today and Tell ‘Em We Said Hi!

    Our Mourer-Foster rep is always thrilled to hear from any pet sitter – whether an APSE member or not.

    Make sure to tell him that you found his info through APSE.

    Dennis A Stowers, CIC
    615 N. Capitol Ave
    Lansing, MI 48933

    Call: 800-686-2663

    Direct: 1-517-346-5230

    Email: dstowers@mourerfoster.com

    Want Even More Support?

    Whether you decide to go with MF, or not, our pet sitter insurance representative will be happy to answer your questions and help you make the correct decision for your specific business needs.

    If you are looking for ways to grow your business even further, consider joining APSE as our newest member. You’ll be surprised with what we have to offer…

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