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  • 12-Part Video Tutorial Shows You EXACTLY How To Use Your Current Pet Sitting Website To Win More Clients!

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    Joshua CaryThanks for stopping by! On this page, you’ll see just what the APSE Pet Sitter Website School is – and YES, it’s included with your APSE membership at no additional fee.

    As you’ll hear in the welcome message below, I created this course as my way of helping pet sitters like yourself make simple, yet significant, changes to your current website.

    I created the Alitia’s Animals website for my wife and it’s become our only form of advertising. Our website alone is literally responsible for the success of our pet sitting business.

    OK… I could go on all day (my passion usually gets the better of me!) so I’ll leave you to explore the rest of this page. On it, you’ll find the Welcome Message below, along with a preview sample of Lesson #5: Header Images. That should give you a taste of what’s waiting for you inside.

    Additionally, I hope you also consider joining us as the newest member of the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence Let me know if I can answer any questions, and I’ll see you on the inside…

    Listen In On the Welcome Message from Joshua:

    Course Overview — Followed by Your Preview of Lesson #5 Below

    Lesson 01
    Lesson 01: Email This Page
    Lesson 02
    Lesson 02: Color Scheme
    Lesson 03
    Lesson 03: Background Image
    Lesson 04
    Lesson 04: The Logo
    Lesson 05
    Lesson 05: Header Images
    Lesson 06
    Lesson 06: Menu Bar
    Lesson 07
    Lesson 07: Doggie Tag
    Lesson 08
    Lesson 08: Home Page Slideshow
    Lesson 09
    Lesson 09: Facebook Icon
    Lesson 10
    Lesson 10: Contact Form
    Lesson 11
    Lesson 11: Professional Icons
    Lesson 12
    Lesson 12: Bold Headlines

    Preview “Lesson #5: Header Images” Here:

    Direct quotes on our APSE members forums from members who have already enrolled!

    “A very HUGE :) Josh. I thoroughly enjoyed your Pet Sitting Website School! Absolutely fabulous and many members will pick up some very good tips and learn about what makes a good functional website to entice potential clients!. Wonderful Job! … Josh’s presentation skills are superb!” — Laura Taylor, Parrot ‘n’ Pet Sitting Services

    “Yup. Gotta admit – pretty darn cool.” — Bella Vasta, Bella’s House & Pet Sitting

    “Josh did a fantastic job with these! I’ve already learnt so much that I need to fix to update my site and I love the way he presents the info – so many great resources!” — Danielle Chonody, Protecting Max

    “This is awesome… Also helped me find some stuff that I had been looking for but not finding on my own… like the icon finder and ‘add this’… THANKS” — Dedi Wood, Shadow & Marty’s Pet Care Services

    There are 2 free bonus reports waiting for your right now inside the website school. The first is the popular PetSittingOlogy Google Guide titled “The Official Pet Sitter’s Guide To Making Google Happy” and your second free report is “Simple SEO Strategies – Staking Your Claim on Google.”

    Both compliment the School quite well and are filled with specific actions you can take today to improve your website rankings. The 2 reports are yours to keep forever.

    Bonus Google GuideSEO Guide

    Bonus Screenshot

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