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  • “How Can I Get More Pet Sitting Clients?”

    See that question above?

    It’s Joshua Cary here, and that’s one of the most popular questions I receive from pet sitters, and whenever I hear it, my initial gut reaction is to lead them directly back to focus on their pet sitting website.

    But how exactly do you do that?  Well, that is my strength, that is what I bring to the table.

    Are YOU ready to finally fall in love with your pet sitting website?

    For years now, I’ve been helping pet sitters improve their websites so they rank better in the search engines when a potential client is searching for them.

    And part two is when a potential client does land on your pet sitting website, you want to be certain that they are going to take action and get in touch with you, right?

    As we know,  it doesn’t do you any good if you rank well in Google, a visitor lands on your website and they do not take action to get in touch.

    How do you assure you receive more pet sitting clients?

    There are very specific ways that you can entice and inspire every one of your website visitors to take action and make contact with you.

    That is exactly what I have been teaching pet sitters for many years now.

    In fact, what I teach is based on the exact methods that I continue to use in my own pet sitting business in New York City, Alitia’s Animals.

    What I offer you to enhance, improve and SEO your pet website is a completely ‘done for you’ and ‘ready for you’ website that is powered by WordPress.

    You + WordPress

    When it comes to WordPress, you probably fall into one of three categories:

    • You have only heard others talk about WordPress but do not know
      exactly what it is or how it works.
    • You have never heard about WordPress until now.
    • You use and love WordPress currently for your pet sitting website.

    Which ever category you fall into, now is the time to get to know all about WordPress for your pet sitting website.  It’s simply the engine (the website builder tool) that powers your website and allows you to take full control of your own website.

    Let me help you enhance your website with SEO and WordPress!

    With WordPress, you can easily add, edit, and change your page content — when you need them to be made.  You don’t have to depend on or rely on a designer, or pay a webmaster to update your site.

    This is completely designed to make your life easier.

    Using a WordPress-powered website is also going to assure that you have a fighting chance to show up in Google high in the results. (Google loves websites that are created using WordPress!)

    This is what you receive when you sign up today:

    A completely done for you website that literally hands you, ready to go, out of the box, a good looking, well designed, SEO, search engine optimized, lead generating website.

    All you need to do is add your content, and you’re done!

    The website contains all these elements in place (and then some):

    • Contact form embedded on every page so your visitors can easily get
      in touch (form results sent directly to your email)
    • Photo gallery ready for your images so your visitors can feel more
      confident by your ability
    • Rotating box for testimonials to ensure your visitors that you are
      truly the best pet sitter for the job
    • Insert your logo with one click to build your brand
    • Great big call-to-action on every page so your visitors will become
      motivated to contact YOU.
    • Local search ready by placing your service location in the footer of
      every page (Google loves this)
    • Instantly Mobile ready so your website will look great on your
      visitors’ mobile devices including the iphone and ipad.
    • Auto backup happens in the background so you can work confidentially with no worries (one click retrieves your entire website just the way it was).
    • Simple customization panel so you can make the site look, feel and
      operate exactly how YOU want.
    • Keep your current domain name so your current marketing does not need to change.
    • Hosting included (with 99.99% uptime and incredible fast support) so
      you do not need to pay another hosting bill (hosting is included with our monthly fee).
    • Full WordPress training and education.  Access dozens of videos and
      manuals directly from your dashboard so you can work efficiently.

    Read our reviews and feedback from happy pet sitters already using my system!

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    PS – APSE members receive a 15% ongoing discount.  Members can access the discount code here:  APSE Member Coupon Code

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