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  • Puppy Sitter | Only the Best for Your Cute Lil Cuddle Muffin

    Posted July 5, 2010 By in Pet Owners With | 1 Comment

    What is a puppy sitter?

    Olive the mini dachshundA puppy sitter is a pet professional you can hire to keep your puppy company during the day when you can’t be there yourself.

    We all know how much responsibility and attention is required to properly introduce the puppy to its new home.  And it’s fairly obvious that a new puppy will need plenty of attention, consistency and training.

    A puppy sitter will be your saving grace.  The right puppy sitter will have a strong training background and maintain a high level of safety precaution and procedure for the puppy’s best interest.

    When to use a puppy sitter?

    The most common times to call on a puppy sitter is when your new puppy is still getting the hang of things and learning the ropes – the crucial training period.

    The last thing you’ll want to do is leave the puppy home alone, or in the hands of someone without the necessary skills to best care for your puppy.

    You would choose to call a puppy sitter to keep your puppy company during the day while you’re at work and when you are away on vacation.

    Benefits of a Puppy Sitter?

    Owning a dog is a long term commitment.  Sadly, too many dogs are given up or abandoned shortly after that “adorable puppy phase” has passed.

    At that point, the disappointed owner usually sees another side of the dog that is difficult to control.

    The dog may be a constant puller on a walk, or may destroy too many things inside the home.

    All of this can be avoided by proper training and consistency while the dog is still a puppy.

    A professional pet sitter who has plenty of puppy sitting skills will be a true life saver.

    The Association of Pet Sitting Excellence has a wide variety of skilled, trained and professional members for your specific needs.

    What Is More Adorable Than This?

    Professional Pet Sitters Say…

    Here is a sampling of how just some professional pet sitters view the importance of hiring the right puppy sitter:

    Patti Baker Reichel

    I find precautions and safety are at the utmost importance with a puppy. You have to watch puppies like a hawk. I have had quite a few puppies for dog walking clients and I leave a note daily so they know bathroom habits. I try to assist where I can to keep housetraining on track. Coming from the dog training part of me, new owners need to have PATIENCE and be consistent. I always ask what the verbal commands that the owners use are so I can continue to use them.  This assures that the puppy is getting the same message. There is nothing like being greeted with puppy kisses!

    Lynn Aubrey

    Puppies are like toddlers and safety is so important! Puppy Sitters need to have the basics in dog training so that they can assist the owners with the puppy on their first training commands as well and guide them to recommend the best trainers, vet care, groomers, etc. I think it’s very important to assist the owners with puppy proofing their home, so that it is a smooth transition for pet sitting. This is a lifetime bond for the pet parents and the pet sitter!

    Outofthe Doghouse

    One of the things I do is reinforce the training they are already doing. Some of my clients give me a copy of the paperwork they receive in training class and I work with the dog during my time. Consistency benefits everyone. I put the paperwork in my notebook next to the client files.

    Pamela Ranheim

    I think one of the biggest things is help with potty training. So many new owners have such a difficult time with this. Getting the puppy outside often enough so they don’t have accidents in the house is so critical. The formula that seems to work well is 1 hour per month plus one. So if a puppy is 2 months old, do not have them go longer than 3 hours, three months old every four hours. Etc. Have a word like “Do busy” to let them know what you want and reward them when they do. Only have the puppy outside to do their business at the beginning so they know when they go outside that it what they are outside to do. So many owners get discouraged if it does not go well.

    Questions and Answers

    Pet Owners: Have specific questions you’d like to ask a pet sitter about your puppy?

    Pet Sitters: Have additional tips or tricks about raising a puppy?

    Leave your comments below!

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