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  • Ads for Hiring Pet Sitting Staff

    Posted March 26, 2011 By in Pet Sitters With | 3 Comments

    baby reading adThe topic of hiring in the pet sitting industry is nothing new.

    We all have our own thoughts on IC vs. employee, pay percentage vs. flat rate, the best application and hiring process, and the list goes on.

    There are many angles and approaches that are acceptable and work perfectly for each individual.

    But what happens if you don’t get the first step in the process right?

    Venturing into the waters of the hiring process is no easy feat.

    It requires many big decisions to be made along the way, and it means that you are experiencing growth, which can conjure up many emotions in any business owner (fear, concern, excitement, anticipation to name a random few).

    And it’s not usually a two-day process either, but rather a bit longer one with unplanned twists and turns.

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