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  • Take Time to Plan Pet Sitting Business Success

    Posted July 13, 2010 By in Pet Sitters With | No Comments

    The Passage of TimeDo you struggle to find time to do everything you know you should be doing to market your pet sitting business?

    This may seem counter intuitive – but taking some time to step away from the business each week to plan ahead will actually save you time and help you get more done.

    Planning will also take the pressure off you during the week. You’ll spend less time worrying about what you should be doing and you will make more effective use of the time you have.

    Reserve a specific block of time each week where you can step away from running your pet sitting business and plan your marketing activities for the week. Tell family your plan so that you won’t be disturbed and can focus on your plan.

    Here are some lists that you can put together during this weekly planning time:

    1) Plan a list of topics that you want to write articles about this week either for your blog, ezine, or website.

    If you are short on topics do a keyword search using the Google Keyword Tool and type in “(your city name) pet” as your search terms to find out what information local pet owners are looking for.

    2) Think up 4-6 questions that you will post on your Facebook fan page to promote interaction with clients and encourage sharing on your page.

    3) Make a list of clients you want to call to follow up with either to do a survey after service or to check in on those you haven’t heard from recently.

    4) Make a list of clients that you need to send follow up emails or cards.

    5) List tasks that you need to get done this week to prepare for upcoming event or major campaign.

    6) Pick a topic for a press release that you will write this week and distribute online.

    7) Schedule two networking events to attend.

    8) Choose 2 networking contacts to call to set up a coffee or lunch date.

    9) A reward that you will give yourself for getting everything on this list done during your week

    Keep your list handy during your week so that you can turn to it and pick a task whenever you have some spare time in your schedule.

    Of course you can always do other marketing tasks on the fly during your week as opportunities arise – but having a list of planned tasks will ensure that you keep on target during the week and consistently engage and reach out to new clients.

    Cross off tasks from your weekly list as they get done – and never forget to give yourself that reward!

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